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West Covina, CA (PRESS RELEASE – January 8, 2009) – Southern California Business Opportunities (SoCalBizOps, Inc.), a West Covina, CA corporation, has been providing “Certified Business PlansTM” to small to medium-sized businesses and SBA loan packaging services for over 14 years. As a new added feature, the company is now offering each potential client a $500 comprehensive assessment of their project at no cost.

Before any information is exchanged, an NDA (Non Disclosure agreement) is signed to protect any private or classified information belonging to the prospective client.

A team of experts overlays the client’s existing information and data into the Certified Business PlanTM model. Then a comprehensive project assessment is completed with a cover letter and delivered to the prospective client within 72 hours. This assessment helps the entrepreneur identify weaknesses, strengths and opportunities in their existing plan. Based on the completeness and quality of information provided by the prospective client, discounts are available for the preparation of a Certified Business PlanTM.

Chief Executive Officer and founder Tony D. Smith stated, “I feel that it is important for a new or existing business owner to have an outside expert review and comment on their existing business plan or project. This gives them a new perspective on their business and how it fits into the market. These assessments have been beneficial to our company in that 8 out of 10 prospects ultimately engage our services.”

SoCalBizOps has prepared and delivered over 200 Certified Business PlansTM to clients in the last three years. They have prepared plans in the areas of retail, service, hospitality, real estate, grocery, automotive, Internet, alternative energy and dozens of other industries. They also prepare Confidential Business Reviews (CBRs) for Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Valuations, and Small Business Administration (SBA) formatted business plans and loan packages. The company is a licensed real estate and loan brokerage firm as well.

New and existing business owners interested in a Confidential Business Assessment (CBA) can go to the company’s website and fill out a request form.

SoCalBizOps’ team of 22 professionals from varying business disciplines combine talents to produce what is considered by major financial institutions and government agencies as one of the most comprehensive and well-designed business plans available to business owners today.

For additional information on a Certified Business PlanTM and private consultation, go to www.certifiedbusinessplan.com or call 888-TDSMITH (888-837-6484) today.

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