EmailWire.Com Announces Press Release Optimization Upgrade

Houston, TX (PRESS RELEASE – January 9, 2009) – EmailWire.Com today announces the addition of keyword hyperlinking or text anchoring in response to clients’ demand for press release optimization for search engines. EmailWire clients can now place relevant keywords during press release submission process and have those keywords automatically hyperlinked and ready for search engine indexing. The newswire service also allows its clients to submit images, video clips for distribution. “Video clips, images and hyperlinked keywords within the release are distributed through out GroupWeb Media network and other media distribution outlets on the Internet.” explains Joseph Nchor, editor and publisher of EmailWire.Com.

Clients’ search engine optimized (SEO) press releases are archived on and they are indexed by major search engines as soon as they are published. “The benefit to our clients is that these archived news releases continue to provide leads over time so long as they remain on EmailWire.Com,” says Mr. Nchor.

In addition to SEO, EmailWire.Com has also introduced a service that helps its clients with press release distribution over social network sites and blogs. “This service enables our clients’ press releases to be continued to be distributed by “followers” or members within networks who bookmark and share stories based on their interests – the result is a viral marketing benefit for our clients,” admits Mr. Nchor. Clients will find out that these features will continue to benefit them so long as they write press releases that are relevant and have substance or have what may interest their target audience. An interesting press release will continue to distribute itself so long as online users find it relevant to share with members over social news networks.

In today’s slow economic climate, it is important to write interesting press releases that will receive viral distribution and thereby maximize return on investment. Things that make press releases interesting are Web 2.0 properties – they include graphics or photographs, video clips or white papers, bookmarks and sharing tools. Online surfers use these media properties to publish on their blogs or share them among members.

About EmailWire.Com

Emailwire.comTM is a global newswire and press release distribution service of GroupWeb Media LLC. Emailwire.comTM publishes and distributes news releases to increase online visibility for its publishing industry clients. The newswire services uses SEO, co-branding, viral marketing, RSS feeds, XML, NewsML, e-mail, FTP technology to distribute news releases to thousands of major newswires, vertical news sites, blogs and social networking news sites. Press releases are optimized and archived for indexing by all major search engines. EmailWire.Com currently offers unlimited pres release distribution service for $99 per month. For more information, go to .

About GroupWeb Media LLC

GroupWeb Media LLC is an online media company that specializes in press release distribution, newswire services, news aggregation and dissemination. GroupWeb Media LLC currently has 36 vertical portals that deliver news to targeted audiences.

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