Jivox Launches Video Ad Sweepstakes to Support Eco-friendly Companies

San Mateo, Ca. (PRESS RELEASE – January 12, 2009) – Jivox, the online video advertising service that helps small and medium-sized businesses reach local customers, today announced a new “Free4Green Sweepstakes” that allows eco-friendly companies to win 100,000 video ad impressions on the Jivox Publisher Network, a locally focused network of over 600 premium online publishers that includes local TV and radio stations, newspapers, weather and other specialty websites.

Sweepstakes details are as follows:

* Companies can enter the sweepstakes starting January 12, 2009.

* Any type of company selling “green” products, developing green technologies or implementing eco-friendly policies can enter the sweepstakes.

* Sweepstakes entrants must include a description of how their company is helping clean up the environment.

* One winner will be chosen each month.

* To enter the sweepstakes, companies should visit www.jivox.com.

“Companies that are selling green products, developing green technology or are simply implementing practices that help the planet are already winners in our eyes,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox. “Our employees are passionate about the environment and want to contribute to the success of green businesses by giving them a chance to expand their businesses with our online video ad service.”

A number of green companies have already found success using the Jivox online video advertising service to promote their products. For example, Tucson, AZ-based Amazing Tee’s (www.amazingteesus.com) is using Jivox to drive sales of its eco-friendly bamboo t-shirts. Solano Beach, CA-based Green Edge Kids (www.greenedgekids.com) has also tapped Jivox to promote a wide range of eco-friendly brands to consumers eager to dress their kids in sustainable clothing.

Online video advertising is growing at a faster rate than any other type of interactive marketing, with companies drawn to the medium because it can generate twice the click-through rate of banner ads. Jivox offers smaller business a complete, self-service online platform to create, place, and track high-impact video ads at a cost-effective price. The Jivox service provides highly effective geographic, contextual and demographic ad targeting, allowing advertisers to reach the right local audiences for their products and services.

About Jivox

Jivox helps small businesses reach customers with online video advertising. Jivox provides advertisers with an online, self-service tool to create high-impact video ads using stock footage, images, music or their existing video assets. Jivox ensures high quality placement of customer ads through the Jivox Publisher Network, a locally focused network of premium publishers that includes hundreds of local TV and radio stations, newspapers, weather and other specialty websites, and offers geographic ad targeting at the city level as well as demographic and contextual targeting. Jivox is a privately held company based in San Mateo, Calif. For more information about Jivox, please visit www.jivox.com.

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