New Marketing Medium Launches To Promote Self Published Books

NORFOLK, UNITED KINGDOM (PRESS RELEASE – January 2, 2008) – Where the World Meets Ltd has launched a brand new website designed to promote and sell books of all kinds to the general public over the internet. The website is known as the DragonCub and can be seen at

DragonCub aims to provide the ideal marketing medium for anyone who is looking to sell their own self published book. Every book can be made available in either a hard copy format or a download for immediate use. This will ensure that the website appeals to the widest possible audience of online book buyers. Of course writers too, will benefit from having their work exposed to a large potential customer base.

The process of getting your book online with the DragonCub is simple. The site takes a basic charge of just 20% of the total retail price – that’s less than the larger online book suppliers. What’s more, you are given complete control of the retail price, in order to gain the maximum number of sales that your corner of the market can produce.

As the site itself proclaims, the process is magically simply : “You provide the book – we sell it.”

At a time when the traditional publishing marketplace is getting even harder to break into, many people are turning towards self publishing as a viable way to get their books published. The DragonCub provides essential services that will see many more people break into print and start making an income for themselves online.

As such, it is expected that the website will take off very quickly, as more people discover the benefits for themselves and start selling all their books on it. The fact that the website charges a fee for each copy sold rather than an upfront fee takes all the risk out of the situation. This is set to encourage even more people to get online and publish their own works on

The DragonCub website is well laid out and easy to navigate. The range of books available to buy is listed in one of a number of different categories, making it quick and easy for people to locate the right kind of book for them.

The website caters primarily for non-fiction titles, and includes categories such as business administration, computer sciences, economics and many more besides.

The parent company of DragonCub, Where The World Meets Ltd., has a basic but powerful ethos which underlines what the DragonCub itself is all about. It focuses on providing essential services that people need for the lowest possible cost.

If you are interested in learning more about this brand new publishing and marketing possibility, you can visit the site at or email pressatDragonCubdotcom.

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