New Web Daily Gives Real Global Coverage Of Globalization

Washington , DC (PRESS RELEASE – January 27, 2009) – The Economic Strategy Institute (ESI) announces The Smart Globalist, a new Web magazine providing daily coverage of news and analysis from around the world on globalization and related international affairs. In addition to syndicated content from newspapers, magazines, broadcast media, expert blogs, and academic journals, the Smart Globalist will also provide its own original articles and analysis. Readers will be able to cover the world of globalization from one easy to navigate page.

“While the economy has gone totally global, public understanding is dangerously superficial because media coverage remains very nationally oriented,” says Clyde Prestowitz, ESI President and Smart Globalist Publisher. “We want the public to have a wider, better informed view of public policy choices,” he emphasizes.

Prestowitz also underscores the need for new, outside the box thinking on globalization. Says he, “we are in one of the all time worst economic crises because too much of the conventional wisdom was based on flawed assumptions and simplistic analysis. To recover, we will need much new thinking and unconventional solutions.”

In this first issue, the Smart Globalist leader editorial focuses on the need for a U.S. stimulus package to be balanced by even bigger stimulus in countries like Germany and China that have large export surpluses. Without such a balance, the U.S. package will not only not work. It will make the situation worse in two or three years.

Please visit The SmartGlobalist today – the site is free, there are no advertisements or subscription or registration requirements.

The SmartGlobalist is run by the Economic Strategy Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit public policy research organization based in Washington D.C. The website is funded in part by a generous grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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