Patrick Sexton and David Mihm Launch

Portland, OR (PRESS RELEASE – January 21, 2009) – Patrick Sexton and David Mihm announced today the launch of, a website that helps small business owners list their businesses effectively on the Web.

“We hope this tool will help small business owners become aware of the free opportunities to market their companies online, and alleviate some of the confusion many of them feel when it comes to the search engines,” commented Sexton.’s flagship product, the LocalDashboardTM, shows business owners simply and clearly where their business exists on major search engines like Google Maps and Yahoo! Local. The tool displays information such as business name, address, phone number, and website address as they are indexed by these major engines.

Small business owners see immediately whether or not their business is listed properly by the search engines, and whether or not they have claimed their listings. The LocalDashboard provides easy links for business owners to claim and update their information directly at each individual search engine.

Additional details such as photos and videos, along with customer reviews, and mentions of their business are displayed as well. These factors combine to form a “Listing Score,” a simple percentage that indicates how effectively a business is taking advantage of the tools at its disposal. A checklist is provided for business owners interested in taking specific steps to improve their listings.

“The search engines rely on so many different providers for their Local business data, it’s hard even for experts to keep track of where it’s all coming from,” said Mihm. “This tool really puts the power in the hands of the business owners and helps make sure the engines provide correct data to people searching for these businesses.”

For business owners interested in learning more about search engines and internet marketing, has developed a Resource Center featuring easy-to-understand articles and advice about small business marketing. is completely free to use, and is designed to work for businesses based in the United States. An internationally-compatible version of the website is currently in development. was created as a resource for small business owners to learn more about the way their businesses are listed online. The company’s goal is to help these business owners claim and enhance their listings at major search engines. The founders of are advocates for search engine optimization best practices that will lead to sustained, long-term search engine rankings for small businesses.

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