Raxco Software Introduces The PerfectDisk 10 Product Line

Gaithersburg, MD (PRESS RELEASE – January 27, 2009) – Raxco Software, the leader in disk defragmentation software, today announced PerfectDisk® 10, the latest version of its award-winning family of performance and storage management solutions for enterprises, small business and home offices. With this release, PerfectDisk continues its tradition of industry-leading innovation in disk defragmentation. The following products are enhanced or brand new:

* PerfectDisk 10 Home Edition
* PerfectDisk 10 Professional
* PerfectDisk 10 Server
* PerfectDisk 10 Virtual Enterprise Edition (virtual environments such as VMware ESX Server and Microsoft’s Hyper-V)
* PerfectDisk 10 for Windows Home Server
* PerfectDisk 10 for Exchange
* PerfectDisk 10 for VMware

The brand new PerfectDisk 10 Virtual Enterprise Edition introduces ground-breaking virtual awareness to enterprise disk defragmentation. Virtualization awareness provides dynamic resource allocation for virtual environments such as VMware® ESX Server and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. This exclusive functionality allows PerfectDisk to automatically determine how often it should run based on resource availability at the physical host level. Together with the PerfectDisk 10 Enterprise Console, no other defragmentation software in the world offers this level of sophistication for virtual environments.

The brand new PerfectDisk 10 Home Edition provides the power of the world’s fastest and most complete defrag engine to home consumers at a special low price. It is designed for home users who want to make their computers as fast as possible, without PerfectDisk 10 Professional’s powerful reporting capabilities.

New feature highlights of the existing PerfectDisk product line include:

* Support for Windows® 7
* An improved user interface to enhance usability and the user experience
* New StealthPatrolTM automatic background defragmentation with intelligent self-adjustment
* Improved performance – up to 30% faster defragmentation and free space consolidation
* Exclusive Space Management reports provide graphical views of disk drive file and folder information
* New unlimited Pause capability
* New scheduling capabilities for VMware Workstation and VMware Server virtual guest machines

For a complete list of enhancements, visit www.perfectdisk.com/whats-new.

With a wealth of new and expanded features specifically requested by users, along with the new virtualization offerings, the release of the PerfectDisk 10 product line represents a major move forward for the disk defragmentation category. Users can now ensure maximum performance and availability across their Windows® environments – PCs and laptops, servers, VMware ESX Servers, Micorosoft’s Hyper-V, VMware Workstations and VMware Servers, Exchange servers and even Windows Home Server systems.

“PerfectDisk has improved on an already top-notch product,” said Russ Howard, Systems/Programmer III at the University of Pittsburgh. “The Virtual Enterprise Edition’s virtual-awareness capability is a great advancement and makes defragmentation truly valuable and a no-brainer in virtual environments.”

“PerfectDisk 10 is another quantum step forward for disk defragmentation,” said Andy Dean of Stockport, United Kingdom. “A significantly improved interface, faster defrag engine and new features that stick to PerfectDisk’s core competency – defragmentation – make this version a must-have for Windows users. The virtualization-aware component is truly groundbreaking and sure to have other defrag vendors trying to play catch-up.”

“PerfectDisk 10 not only brings many enhancements that our millions of worldwide enterprise, small business and home users have asked for, but also opens the door for many more users,” said Bob Nolan, president and CEO of Raxco Software. “The next-generation Virtual Enterprise Edition is a timely and complimentary addition to the virtual technologies that organizations are using to squeeze more resources from existing hardware. And with the new Home Edition, PerfectDisk is now more affordable for millions of more home users.”

The PerfectDisk 10 family of products is available immediately via the PerfectDisk web site at www.perfectdisk.com as well as favorite resellers everywhere. The PerfectDisk 10 Home Edition pricing starts at $29.99. PerfectDisk 10 Professional pricing starts at $39.99 for a single license, while a single license of PerfectDisk 10 Server starts at $199.99 and PerfectDisk 10 for Exchange is priced at $399.99 per Exchange server. PerfectDisk 10 for Windows Home Server is priced at $39.99 for a single license. The PerfectDisk 10 Virtual Enterprise Edition Release Candidate is available now and will be priced starting at $249.99 upon its general availability next month.

About Raxco Software

Raxco Software has been the industry leader in helping large enterprises, small businesses, and consumers with their computer resource management needs for over 30 years. Its PerfectDisk 10 is Certified by Microsoft® for Vista and Windows Server® 2008. PerfectDisk products have a long history of winning the industry’s highest awards, most notably its perfect 5-star review from CNET Download, winner of the Windows IT Pro Readers’ Choice Awards for Defragmentation Utility and Storage Management Tools, Redmond Magazine’s Best of the Best Award, and PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award. Raxco also produces optimization software, for HP’s OpenVMS operating system. Raxco Software can be found on the Web at www.perfectdisk.com.

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