Science Revenue Releases Five Products To Monetize Previously Non-Monetized Traffic

Las Vegas, NV(PRESS RELEASE – January 11, 2009) – After 12 months in development, with over 300 of the largest online communities as clients, Science Revenue is formally launching their suite of five revolutionary products designed to monetize previously non-monetized traffic. This suite is the most powerful and complete solution currently available and has been vetted by some of the largest names online, including and The solution monetizes naturally occurring links in websites and generates revenues based on sales to partner sites and is a boon in this hard economy, representing found revenue for many companies.

“We developed this solution from the perspective of the consumer, not the advertiser. There are no annoying popups, page takeovers, etc; our solution works on blogs, websites and social network sites and is completely transparent. The user experience remains totally unchanged. There is literally nothing like this, with as thorough a product offering, in the industry,” says Raymond Lyle, founder, formerly of Leapfrog Online.

Science Revenue has already amassed over 300 clients, representing some of the largest online communities, collectively harnessing the revenue generating power of millions of their members. These companies include InternetBrands, Vertical Scope, AVSforums, Avforums, Crowdgather and AVscienceforum.

Science Revenue’s suite of products includes:

Affiliate Anywhere: This patent pending Java based solution designed for Social Media, Blogs, Forums, websites. It works by dynamically matching and converting your existing outbound links into revenue generating affiliate links. With one line of JavaScript on the bottom of your page you can be up and running within minutes.

Affiliate VB: Similar in concept to Affiliate Anywhere; however specifically designed and optimized for vBulletin, This patent pending software works by dynamically finding and appending existing outbound links with a tracking code so that a company earns revenue for driving sales to Science Revenue partners. The original posted link is not modified, making this completely transparent to your members. Affiliate vB easily installs directly into AdminCP as a plugin.

Affiliate A.I.: intelligent ad-serving technology that takes the guessing out of what display ads members should be seeing. It harvests the sales data from Affiliate vB and Affiliate Anywhere to display relevant banners ads in real-time based on site visitor purchasing behavior. EPC is greatly increased by using targeted real time user data.

Affiliate2Link: Affiliate2Link dynamically scans posts for matching text and when a match is found, automatically hyperlinks that text. In addition to converting non-linked affiliate names such as eBay or Amazon into revenue generating links, Affiliate2Link gives vBulletin forum owners the ability to convert any text sequence into a link.

Affiliate2RSS: Affiliate2RSS harnesses the API’s of affiliate partners and vBulletin’s RSS Feed functionality to set up an automated RSS Feed containing our item links with your affiliate code already embedded.

About Science Revenue: , headquartered in Chicago, Il, is full service affiliate marketing solution comprised of online marketers, developers, analysts, and website owners. Their mission is to equip website owners with a suite of powerful and innovative tools designed to maximize their online ventures. uses cutting-edge solutions that provide a compressive and customized approach to a sites Internet environment. In short: we help you monetize your existing traffic.

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