Vitrium Introduces DRM Solution for PDF Protection

(PRESS RELEASE – January 15, 2009) – The Vancouver, B.C. based Vitrium is now the only company offering SaaS PDF protection that does not require readers to download and install either a plug-in for Adobe Reader or a third-party proprietary viewer. SBE makes it quick, easy and economical to protect PDFs from misuse. The service is accessed entirely via the Internet and requires no software installations or downloads. Users simply login to the SBE Web site and start protecting PDFs.

Vitrium has made significant traction in the digital rights management (DRM) space with protectedpdf® and the benefits of its new SaaS version are clear. Cadalyst Magazine’s Kenneth Wong had the opportunity to preview SBE at the Adobe Max Show in San Francisco last November and immediately marveled about not needing to own or install any software. “You implement the security features you want — disabling printing and copying , for example — by uploading your file to the protectedpdf portal, specifying the rights you want to grant, then downloading the tagged file back to your own local drive,” he explains.

Perhaps the coolest feature, “you can modify or revoke the rights previously granted after the document has been published and distributed,” notes Wong. SBE features include: auto-unlock files; modify and revoke reader permissions; limit the number of computers a reader may access documents from; disable text copying and document printing; display customized system data when printed or displayed onscreen; and even protect multiple PDFs simultaneously or automate the protection process.

This DRM solution is a SaaS offering built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform is great news for all Microsoft SharePoint users who have PDF’s they would like to protect from unauthorized redistribution.

About Vitrium Systems

Vitrium was founded in 2005 with the goal of creating a revolutionary new standard in electronic document software. At the heart of its growing range of products is protectedpdf, the core customizable software platform. Recently named in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in CRM Marketing and Analytics, 2008 report, the privately-held vendor is now the leader in smart document technology for PDF security and tracking. For more information on Vitrium, visit


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  1. From my tests it offers no better protection than standard pdf password security, so why pay extra?

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