Bookkeeping Enterprise Launches eWorkshop For Small Business

(PRESS RELEASE – FEBRUARY 24, 2009) – JE Financial Services, a bookkeeping training and services company, has launched a new eWorkshop to educate small business owners about proper bookkeeping for tax purposes. “Simplified Bookkeeping for the Tax Season” is a one hour educational program for contractors, construction companies, and incubators, which offer small business owners the opportunity to have a better understanding of how bookkeeping impacts their taxes.

“Simplified Bookkeeping for the Tax Season” will equip you with the tools and resources needed to simplify the organization, tracking, and reporting of your financial data for tax purposes,” said Jacqueline Williams, Financial Strategist of JE Financial Services. “This program was specifically designed to help contractors, construction companies and incubator firms get the help needed to set up their books the right way.” Just as the economy is being re-organized with the introduction of the Economic stimulus package, small businesses must take this same approach, and re-organize their books for an optimum financial profile.

Program participants will learn the basics of bookkeeping, how it impacts their business, and the appropriate tax profile for their company.

About JE Financial Services

JE Financial Services is a Virtual Bookkeeping Enterprise with a genuine commitment to transforming small businesses record keeping activities into a strategic records management system. JE Financial Services provides professional assistance in software training & support, bookkeeping services, payroll services, tax services and business consulting on an as needed or long-term basis. JE Financial Services offers its services to primarily small business and business associated with incubator parks.

“Tax time is approaching us quickly and it’s important that we prepare ourselves appropriately. I am pleased to be able to pass along this knowledge to help small business position themselves for a better tax experience” said Jacqueline. “This is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor, and set up your books the right way.”

Topics covered in the e-workshop will include; the creation and organization of files, how to track your financial data, and the reporting requirements for your data.

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