Egnyte Unveils First Hybrid Cloud/On-Premise File Server Solution

Mountain View, CA (PRESS RELEASE – February 17, 2009) – To help small businesses enjoy the cost-benefits of cloud computing with the peace of mind and control of having their data on premise, Egnyte, a provider of on-demand file server solutions, today unveiled the first hybrid cloud/on-premise file server solution: Egnyte Local Cloud. The new integrated solution is a significant step forward in next- generation cloud computing technology. Egnyte’s Local Cloud blends a hosted online solution with an on-premise solution, providing small businesses up- to- date and complete access to their file servers, whether they have an Internet connection or not.

“There is no doubt that cloud-based services offer significant benefits to SMBs looking for ease and efficiency in storage and collaboration,” said Jeff Boles, senior analyst for the Taneja Group. “However, the cloud is still in its early stages with some questions about reliability, latency and control – not to mention the fact that you always have to be tied to an Internet connection. Egnyte’s new hybrid solution is one of the forerunners in the next generation of cloud-based storage services that is focused on bridging the gap between the control that comes with local storage and the ease of operation that comes with the cloud.”

Egnyte’s new hybrid file server provides businesses the benefits of both the online and offline worlds, as it enables the cost benefits, high availability and scalability of on-demand computing with the ability to access and work in network files locally. Egnyte’s hybrid solution synchronizes the On Demand File Server to the Egnyte Local Cloud seamlessly so that businesses continually have an up- to- date local copy of their data to ensure reliability and control if the Internet goes down.

“By tying together local data and cloud data, Egnyte is dealing with the shortcomings of both models for the SMB. I have no doubt that solutions like this will be key in increasing the adoption rate for storage services in the Internet cloud,” commented Boles.

Cloud computing has become a significant technology trend, and many experts have said that it will reshape information technology processes and the IT marketplace in the next five years. Industry observers say the technology’s growth potential is enormous. Market-research firm IDC, for example, expects IT cloud- services spending to grow from about $16 billion in 2008 to about $42 billion by 2012. IDC also predicts cloud computing spending will account for 25 percent of annual IT expenditure growth by 2012 and nearly a third of the growth the following year.

Key features of Egnyte Local Cloud are:

• Easy to install – You can download and install the Egnyte Local Cloud (ELC) software on any inexpensive off the shelf storage device (like Maxtor, Simpletech, Western Digital, Toshiba, etc.), OR on your computer hard drive.

• Off-line access – Egnyte Local Cloud provides you with off-line access to your files. If your Internet connection is not available, you can directly access the files on the ELC. When the Internet connectivity is restored, the ELC synchronizes the changed files to the On Demand File Server.

• Faster access to large files – Certain application files can be large, for example Photoshop files or CAD drawings. Accessing them locally is much faster than accessing them over the Internet. Not only does the ELC allow you to edit these files locally, it also synchronizes the changes to the On Demand File Server. You need not maintain versions of the file since Egnyte automatically creates versions.

• Work locally, access globally – When you are in the office, you can edit your files on the ELC. When you are out of the office, you can access these files via the On Demand File Server. Similarly, when you have distributed teams, the ELC combined with On Demand File Server, provides you seamless access to these files.

“We are excited about the opportunities that the Egnyte Local Cloud solution offers our customers and the marketplace,” said Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte. “The increasing costs of power, staff and equipment are prompting many small and medium-sized businesses to embrace cloud computing as a viable solution for managing computing environments. And, even for those who question the reliability and uptime of on-demand services, Egnyte Local Cloud provides a complementary and powerful alternative.”

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About Egnyte

Egnyte is a leading provider of on-demand file server solutions for small businesses and professionals. Egnyte was founded in 2006 and is privately financed. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information, please visit

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