HubSpot Announces Marketing Support For Its Internet Marketing System

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (PRESS RELEASE – Jan. 29, 2009) – HubSpot has announced Inbound Marketing Support and Advice for its Internet marketing system, offering customers access to rich support resources, including consulting, online marketing forums and a deep knowledgebase.

HubSpot’s Internet Marketing Consultants are experienced in all aspects of online marketing and specifically trained on HubSpot’s products and methodologies. Consulting sessions are sold in four-hour blocks for $500 each and focus on topics based on the specific needs of the client, such as converting prospects to leads/customers, creating SEO-optimized pages, understanding and utilizing social media, etc.

“Our software wouldn’t be as valuable if it weren’t for the various support resources available to our customers,” says Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder of HubSpot. “We want our users to receive maximum benefit from our Internet marketing system, which is why we offer many forms of marketing advice along with it. Whether their support is in the form of a video, a forum, a webinar or a one-on-one conversation, I’m proud to admit that HubSpot employees are dedicated to their customers and their individual successes.”

Success.HubSpot is HubSpot’s active customer-only online marketing forum. Inside Success, users can find relevant, high-quality discussion on Internet marketing and HubSpot products. HubSpot employees all participate in Success and contribute their knowledge regularly. In addition to consulting and Success, HubSpot provides its customers with robust tools to train and educate themselves in Internet marketing though the HubSpot Methodology, Internet Marketing Training Videos & Webinars, and Inbound Marketing 101 training classes.

HubSpot offers an Internet marketing system that integrates SEO, social media and marketing analytics to help customers drive traffic to their websites and convert a greater percentage of them into customers.

About HubSpot

HubSpot is an Internet marketing system that helps your company get found online, generate more inbound leads and convert a higher percentage of them into paying customers. HubSpot helps companies get found by more prospects using search engine optimization and marketing, leveraging the blogosphere and engaging in online social media. By using landing pages, lead intelligence and marketing analytics, HubSpot customers convert more prospects into leads and paying customers. Based in Cambridge, MA, HubSpot can be found at

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