Overwhelmed With Work? We Have 5 Big Ideas

Are you struggling with more work, a small budget and a tiny staff?  I know I am — it’s a challenge to get things done under those circumstances.  I’ve had to become good at figuring out how to squeeze more into a day — and more importantly, work smarter, not necessarily harder.

If this sounds like you, please join us for a free webinar on March 11, 2009, from 2:00 to 3:00 pm Eastern time. 

We’ve got 5 big ideas for how to get all the work done.

Webinar on small business productivity

I will be moderating the discussion and will be joined by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, and Jonathan Fields, author of Career Renegade.  (In case you didn’t guess, that’s me in the middle of those two fine gentlemen.)

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How to automate what you hate — tasks and processes that are time sucks you never noticed or didn’t know you could offload to new tools 
  • How going virtual can help — prudent outsourcing can make more sense than ever
  • Why getting “social” at work is good for business — seek technology applications with social media features and that connect you with communities that can provide speedy answers, serve as “free” extensions of your team, connect you to customers faster
  • Why and how to reframe how you think about your job — advice for doing more of what matters and less of what doesn’t
  • How to use online “Cloud” applications — move more work to the Web and save time and money

We be giving away some copies of our books — in my case, since I don’t have a book, I’ll be giving away some copies of Blog Blazers, which features me along with 39 other bloggers.  Please join us — and be sure to bring your questions too.

There is no charge for the webinar, but you do have to reserve a spot — space is limited.

This webinar is sponsored by Intuit and it is put on by the folks at The App Gap, another site where I write each month about the changing way we work.

Go here to REGISTER for the webinar now.


Anita Campbell - CEO

Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses, and also serves as CEO of TweakYourBiz.com.

7 Reactions

  1. Oh cool, this sounds great. With this panel, there will be lots of good stuff to learn.

  2. Anita Campbell

    Thanks for alerting me to the typo, Amanda. I am so “overwhelmed” I couldn’t spell it right!

    — Anita

  3. Awesome, looking forward to it. Thank you for the advance notice (it’s in my calendar). Especially looking forward to the part on Cloud applications – something I suspect I’m underutilizing.

  4. Hooray, I get to get up at 5am to listen to this! Oh well, it pretty much covers everything I love about business (and the internet in general) so I should enjoy it.

  5. Martin Lindeskog

    I look forward to the webinar. I registered via The App Gap site.

    Think if I could get lucky and win
    Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields! 🙂 I have read and reviewed Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch.

    Anita: Have you written a book?

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