Penchant Advertising LLC To Host 2009 Akron Business to Business Expo

Akron, OH (PRESS RELEASE – January 29, 2009) – Penchant Advertising LLC, a Northeast Ohio marketing and advertising firm, today announced it will be hosting the 2009 Akron Business to Business Expo, a trade show for the Northeast Ohio business community with proceeds to benefit One of a Kind Pets pet rescue in Akron, Ohio. The expo provides area businesses the opportunity to showcase products and services as well as encouraging networking amongst members of the local business community. With proceeds to benefit One of a Kind Pets pet rescue, it is also a great way to support a good cause.

Northeast Ohio business owners can access the website for more information. The goal of the Akron Business to Business website is to create a local online community for Northeast Ohio business owners. Area business owners are encouraged to contribute to the blog via posts and comments. Although there are no rules to joining the community, reading the guidelines posted in the blog section is strongly encouraged. In time, the blog roll is expected to increase with the addition of quality local business blogs.

About Akron Business to Business

Akron Business to Business was created with the sole purpose of encouraging positive interactions within the b2b community of Northeast Ohio. Strategic partnering is very important to surviving amongst the small business community. At a time when Northeast Ohio business has been hit hard, Akron Business to Business provides the opportunity for a supportive, positive environment to exist for business owners to learn and grow with the help of their peers. Akron Business to Business was the brainchild of members of the NEO Business Network, a private group for area business owners.

Alma Gray is organizer of the NEO Business Network, “I find it important to create and sustain valuable, sincere business relationships. Especially in tough times like these. I also find it important to try and help one another as peers in the business community. I am a big proponent of small business involvement in social media to boost marketing efforts. That is why I created the NEO Business Network. As a result of meeting some great people through the group, I came to realize not everyone is aware of the effectiveness of social media for small business. Nor do they have the time to commit to our meetup group. That is why we created Akron Business to Business. Since it is online, the convenience factor is there, as well as being a time saver. So whether you want to use it as a source of information, or become actively involved, you have a choice. Although I believe those who would actively participate would benefit most. Networking for me is key to business survival these days. I fully believe networking is based on reciprocity in business relationships.”

About Penchant Advertising LLC

Penchant Advertising is a freelance marketing and advertising company providing marketing, design, technology and social media services to domestic and international companies. Our size enables us to provide experience, a wide skill set, and personalized service at a best cost to the client. Penchant Advertising is based in Akron, Ohio. For more information, please visit

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