Please Introduce Yourself

Please introduce yourselfHow does one say, “Hello Community,” and sound personal? Well, that’s what we’d like to do here with this post. We’d like to get to know more of you personally.

I’m the community evangelist here and I would like to invite you to introduce yourself. Let’s gets to know each other better.

Please post a brief comment that includes your name, your website, and 50 words or so about what you do. An elevator pitch, of sorts.

So here’s my intro, as an example:

TJ McCue, Q4Sales

I run a writing and research company that specializes in sales content and lead nurture. I blog at and serve as research editor here at Small Business Trends. My passion is helping fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.

Please introduce yourself in the comments!

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TJ McCueAbout the Author:TJ McCue is the strategic content guy at Q4 Sales and founder of Sales Rescue Team. He blogs at Dun & Bradstreet’s about online research and marketing.


TJ McCue TJ McCue served as Technology/Product Review Editor for Small Business Trends for many years and now contributes on 3D technologies. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.

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  1. I am a “trader in matter & spirit” and a small business entrepreneur in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am a board member of the Swedish National Association of Purchasing and Logistics (Silf, Western Region). I will soon start a new series of interviews for my podcasting show on the Solid Vox network.

  2. Martin Lindeskog, Egoist International Business Coordinator. 🙂

  3. Welcome Martin! You are, of course, a well known pillar of this community. I read your comments regularly and appreciate your enthusiasm for your fellow entrepreneurs. Thanks for being first. Keep us posted on these podcasts.

  4. My “real” name is Matt Rodela. I have 7 years experience in the information technology industry, including 4 years in the US army as a trumpet player and computer technician.

    I write about my experiences starting and running a part-time computer consulting business on my blog

    Follow me on Twitter!

  5. TJ: Thanks for the welcome! Did I win a prize, 1st comment?! 😉

    Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

    I am interested to learn more about Jeff Thull’s book. I think we could have an interesting conversation about the supply chain…

    Is Q4 standing for four quarters, i.e., a full financial year?

  6. I loved Jeff’s book. I actually just pulled it off my shelf to re-read it. And yes, you are close: Q4 refers to that financial quarter when everyone is trying to close as much biz as possible, but in fact, particularly in this economy every quarter counts. Plus it is a play on my name and that there will be four in my family someday. McCue, the Cue part, rhymes with Q and thus 4 McCues. More than you wanted to know, but there it is.

    Make every quarter count!

  7. P.S. I will keep you posted regarding my podcasts. I have booked the following guests: John Cox (painter, cartoonist, and illustrator), Jonathan Hoenig (CapitalistPig LLC) and Scott Holleran (freelance writer). Prodos in Australia will take care of the recording of the show and then add it on his network, Solid Vox.

  8. TJ: Thanks for the story behind your company name. Interesting to know. I have funny saying about the letter, Q, but it is a bit hard to explain due to the fact it is a children’s book in Swedish! 😉

    I have to put Jeff Thull’s book on my wish list @ Amazon.

  9. Matt Rodela: Where are you located, Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy? Maybe I need help with my new subnotebook… 😉 (Click on “Martin Lindeskog” Says: for a clue.)

  10. Hi Matt, always wonder what your real name is… I’ve enjoyed your comments as well. Thanks for the cool personal info on the trumpet. We’re glad you’re here. And I appreciate you reminding me to ask people to include their Twitter profile in addition to a website! We’re off to a rolling start, the three of us. Encourage others to come share their elevator pitch. We want to get a ton of activity here as we know there are many readers and loyal fans who we have not learned about.

  11. Thanks for the opportunity, I’m very curious to meet everyone else as well!

  12. I’m Dan from B.C., Canada and have just started a web development company named Triple I Web Solutions. I also blog about some of my development experiences on

    Thanks for the opportunity to share 🙂

  13. Hello All!

    I am part of a start up that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs take their ideas to market faster and more efficiently.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed every article here on SmallBizTrends. I look forward to getting to know all the wonderful people here and hear about the fantastic ideas that you have tried out to make your business successful.

    ~ Amit

  14. Sheryl Schuff, CPA, Founder of the Business Startup Success Club.

    I teach solopreneurs and micro business owners about business structure, taxes, accounting, and computers.

    I’m writing an eBook with step-by-step instructions on how to use WordPress to create a web site. I’ll be giving it away free at where I blog about taxes and technology.

    Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. I look forward to meeting lots of interesting folks here.

  15. My “real” name is Matt Rodela. I have 7 years experience in the information technology industry, including 4 years in the US army as a trumpet player and computer technician. –> Matt, you’re just amazing!

  16. TJ: I follow Matt’s comment and add my Twitter id for your info:

    If you click on the link, “Martin Lindeskog” Says, you could follow my FriendFeed stream, including my tweets. 🙂

  17. Hi! I am a long-time writer and editor, and I have my own company providing complete writing services to small- and medium-size businesses. My personal blog about various musings is I am based in Cleveland Heights. Nice to meet all of you 🙂

  18. Diane DiPiero,

    Do you provide writing services concerning e-books?

    I read your post, Why I Love the Browns but I Don’t Hate the Steelers, and then asked myself: How did I “survive” in the mid-west, rooting for New England Patriots? 😉 Background: I studied in Manchester, NH. My friends in Troy, Ohio, called me for a d*mn yankee now and then. I replied: You silly red necks / hill billies! 😉 I had a Betsy Ross flag in my apartment! Click on “Martin Lindeskog” Says: if you want to see the beautiful flag! 🙂

  19. Over 35 years in Construction. Mainly property developing, now moving in to the greener Industry of Internet marketing

  20. John Cox: Welcome to the small business part of the blogosphere! Do you know that you have a namesake on the web? John Cox created the header banner for my EGO blog. Click on “Martin Lindeskog” Says: if you want to read the story behind the work with the banner.

    I read on your blog that you are dealing wind solar power. Are you into wind power too? Big things could happen here in Gothenburg, Sweden, soon. I am involved in a start-up project regarding wind power.

  21. Susan Payton, The Marketing Eggspert

    Hi all! I am the owner of Egg Marketing & Public Relations ( ), an Orlando based internet marketing and PR firm. I also blog on the Sparkplugging blog network as, you guessed it: The Marketing Eggspert (see above link). Additionally, I have written 2 books and several ebooks ( ) on DIY marketing.

    I’ve long been a fan of Small Business Trends, and think this is a great idea to get to know one another!

  22. P.S. John Cox: I sent you an email. My comment is awaiting moderation! Maybe I have triggered the security warning level with all my comments on one post! 😉

  23. Hi Everyone! This is so much FUN – thanks TJ!

    I’m Ivana Taylor, I run – a subscription community for in-house marketing mavens. 🙂 I’m a marketing strategist by day working with companies and individuals to become the obvious choice for their ideal customers.

    My guilty pleasures are sloppy hot dogs and 80’s new wave 🙂

    I want to know when Martin works or sleeps in between commenting on this blog 🙂

  24. Hi. I’m a computer systems consultant with more than 22 years experience in helping small businesses and non-profits become more efficient, effective and successful through the use of technology. I work in the five boroughs of New York.

  25. I am a certified business coach who helps companies and their key executives clarify their goals and achieve them. Although Summit is based in Pennsylvania, my clients are all over the country.

  26. Walter Wimberly, Walt Design and Development

    For the past 8 years, I’ve helped small businesses build their on-line presence (websites, on-line stores, etc.) I also blog at to showcase some of my work, and provide information on for small business owners about the Internet.

  27. I’m a full-time wildlife and pet photographer and part time government consultant. My main website is , but I’m building http://www.poorhousephoto as well.

  28. Hi, my name is Anita Campbell and I started this site.

    TJ, thanks for opening up this discussion. It’s something we should have done a long time ago.

    Good to see all the comments from everyone. 🙂


  29. I am a contract technical writer, specializing in Oracle instructional design. I also coach other technical writers to take their writing to a higher level.

  30. Hello all,
    I am Elena and I handle marketing for TargetSpot, an internet radio advertising network that allows small businesses to create and buy audio ads online. (Check it out at:

    I’ve been an internet professional since the booming 90’s and have had the pleasure of working with a range emerging marketing technologies, platforms, interesting businesses and cool people.

    Good to meet you all!

  31. Hi Anita (and everyone),

    I’m Susan Cartier Liebel and I am in the process of opening Solo Practice University – a revolutionary Web 2.0 based educational and networking for lawyers and law students. It’s a labor of love trying to help solo practitioner professionals and it has a growing stellar faculty from all walks of life to help these professional entrepreneurs.

    Great idea! You can follow me on Twitter at

  32. My name is Jaci Struwe. I am an independent distributor for Protandim, a very powerful antioxidant, anti aging supplement. I love this product and want to help other people realize their dream of being an independent business owner. Reach out. I am happy to elaborate.

  33. I’m Sharon Hurley Hall and I run my own freelance writing business, writing and blogging for a number of clients. I’m always trying out new pieces of web software and I’m hooked on word games. I’m on Twitter at

  34. I’m a freelance dance instructor and performer, specializing in tribal style belly dance. Dance is a powerful tool for people to get in touch with themselves and their bodies as well as to get in shape and improve their moods. I also design websites and print items. I maintain a blog addressing professionalism, ethics, integrity, and technique in belly dance at

  35. Howdy from the Third Coast! I am prosperity consciousness. I bring social media strategies and Transformational tools so solopreneurs and micro-business owners so they can collaborate,build presence and profit with their business.

    You can hear me on Two Chicks Creating every monday at 12pm EST and Twitter Today thursdays at 10am EST.

    My twitter handle is shazam!

  36. I am the owner of Digits Plus. We provide small businesses with bookkeeping,payroll,& virtual assistant services. Visit us at

  37. Jaci Struwe,

    You recently started your blog on Protandim? I am using several antioxidant products, e.g. Acai juice, Flavonmax jam, and of course, a glass red wine at dinner time! 🙂

    I want to talk to you more about the situation of being an independent business owner.

  38. I’m David Libby, a 15+ year public relations veteran specializing in helping small technology companies such as Palo Alto Software use public relations to attract new leads for products like Email Center Pro. I’m a teacher at heart and you can learn more about how to do public relations by following me on Twitter at


  39. Michele Price: Where is the 3rd coast located?

  40. Hi there,
    I’m Ray Earhart and I’m sticking to it. We (wife, daughter and myself) run our website and have a small retail store A Gift For No Reason! located in Florida. My twitter name is @rayhart and just started tiwttering (?) for our store using @giftfornoreason My occasional rants can be found at and as part of my CEO’s jobs I still take out the garbage.

  41. I’m Sarah. sarahtar.
    I own Wallypop and Boulevard Designs, manufacturing (in my basement) cloth diapers, baby carriers, cloth napkins, and the like. Boulevard Designs is a more creative outlet, with various products ranging from tie-dye sleepers to knit bowls.

  42. Yes, I’m a 62 year young serial entrepreneur that is now heavily involved with Giving Back. I have spent the last 34 years in Public REALations as I like to call it, Video and TV Production, Corporate Sponsorship Marketing, Internet Marketing and now Social Enterprising through my dodecahedron dome kit manufacturing business. Also I will be hitting the road soon to visit as many 200 rural towns across America to teach my No-Brainer Marketing System we use for clients to both mid and high school students.

  43. I run the NY office of CDW Merchants, a company that works with retailers to design, produce, source, distribute – visual elements and store decoratives. I blog at
    and my twitter handle is Wald12.
    I love store windows!

  44. Ivana,

    I like your below mentioned statement regarding the ideal customers. We have to discuss that topic. As an experienced purchaser I have formed some ideas on this role.

    What’s a “sloppy hot dog”? I like hot & spicy sausages. I love the ’80’s music too, especially electronica and synth music.

    Regarding my sleep. I sent you the following reply by email:

    It is hard for me to go to sleep when I see my friends and contacts
    are getting busy late in the night my time! 😉

    I am a night watchman! 🙂

    Ivana Taylor:

    “I consult with business owners on how to become the obvious choice for their ideal customers.

    My guilty pleasures are sloppy hot dogs and 80’s new wave.

    I’d like to know when Martin works or sleeps when he’s not commenting on this blog and the other SmallBiz Trends communities.”

  45. I’m Amanda Stillwagon. I started off as the office manager of a 4 doctor veterinary hospital. While I miss working with animals, I decided that I needed a change. I am currently the editor of Anita’s recently acquired site, I also author my personal blog where I share my interests in cooking, baking, shopping and crafting;

    Follow me on Twitter:

  46. I’m the assistant producer for the Small Business Trends Radio Show ( and I’m proud to be a part of this community.

    And my two best buddies are my kitty and my pup 🙂


  47. Kenneth Ferreira
    Ramona Property Managers, Inc.

    I maintain and increase commercial and residential property values by providing the education, experience, and knowledge necessary to a professional property manager. When was the last time your broker mentioned the words “fiduciary duty”?

  48. I work as a development project coordinator and design consultant with two online education companies. I also blog at on topics ranging from small business, innovation, and politics. Hey all…

  49. I’m John Nielson from San Diego, California.

    I run a Freelance Web Design / Development company here at

    I design anything from business Logo’s to Standard Web Sites to Full E-Commerce Web Solutions. My prices are reasonable and the turnaround on your project is quick. Please contact me from my website at to get a quote or ask a question.

    Thanks you,
    John Nielson

  50. Staci,

    I want to see a pic of your kitty! I am a cat fan. Morris the cat will soon start taking photos again! He will use Mr. Lee Cat Cam and GPS tracking system.

    Very colorful Twitter template! Happy birdy nam nam! 😉

  51. Narciso Tovar - @Narciso17 is my Twitter Handle

    After more than 13 years gaining great distinction for tactics and leadership positioning campaigns, I am cutting through the clutter of agency life to start my own PR practice. Until the new site is adequately developed (by early March), feel free to contact me at and ask me about the ‘Transparent PR™ Program’ – an ROI-centric strategy for this economy that DOES NOT call for a standard monthly retainer. It puts you in a great position because you only have to pay if/when an interview and/or media coverage appears from our efforts…even if it takes weeks or months to secure something on your behalf.

  52. Hi,
    My name is Servaas Schrama. I am a Small Business Owner and I enjoy helping others setup for themselves. I write about business opportunities and motivational topics.

    Come and visit my site!
    Servaas Schrama (twitter handle: lecrab)

  53. Hi, my name is Steven Lane, and I’m the Vice President of Marketing with idBUSINESS. We specialize in information security policy tools for small- and medium-sized businesses, providing the education they need to understand this rapidly emerging business need, the access to best-in-class providers that used to be cost-prohibitive for anyone except the Fortune 500, and the tools to make information security a positive business driver. Please follow me at Thanks for setting up this community!

  54. Staci Wood — Your introduction to Daniel was the most fun of all these.

  55. Maybe you can start a cat pictures thread, and we can share pictures of our cats. 🙂

  56. I am a freelance web developer while finishing my degree: International Masters in Business Administration. I’m excited to be helping small and medium business create communities of users.

  57. I am a freelance copywriter specializing in catalog descriptions, copy makeovers, web content, articles and more. I create copy that is fresh and sales-driven for small business entrepreneurs as well as large businesses. Please visit my website for more information –

  58. I make video and motion graphics products. I just started my home-based business called Pilothouse Films (got my license last week!). I’m focused on making short video productions designed to be displayed on a company’s website.

    If you need a motion graphics video (combined with still photos even), I can put something together for you even if you live on the other side of the planet! Let me know!

  59. I am a business fertilizer.. I help businesses grow and flourish by providing them the basic tools business plans marketing & strategic plans, recruitment, retention and other foundational necessities so they can focus on the business of their business taking them from where they are to where they want to be.
    This has to be a good site if Michele Price is on it.. she’s amazing!!!!

  60. WOW!! This is so awesome, not the number of responses (we knew we could trust our community to participate), but the powerful elevator pitches, the unique businesses, the energy! Thank you. Send your clients and colleagues in to see the energy that your voice creates, as a small biz owner and entrepreneur. We are part of an active group that cares about differentiating itself.
    Thank you all.

    This reminds me of a story I read while in grad school years ago about the two youngest Admirals in the Dutch Navy and how they got there. All about sharing about one another’s skills and qualities and work. I’ll have to dig it out from some Word document and share it.

  61. @Dan Klassen
    Glad to see you here all the way from BC… 😉
    Do you find a lot of work from Washington State companies?

  62. @Amit Thanks for being loyal and reading so many of the terrific things Anita and her Expert Network publish. I’m like you — I read these posts and articles and comments and try to take it all in and learn more about how I can help my fellow entrepreneurs in my work.

  63. I’m a marketing communications practitioner who works primarily with SMB clients (publicly traded and private), and have followed for a while (real name is Jon Bacon although I prefer to post as JB). I thought this was an interesting post and couldn’t help but “introduce myself” to the SBT community. I currently live in Utah (home of beautiful snow covered mountains), although I’m originally from Toronto, Canada. I read these posts to try and get ideas for clients and stay on top of the industry.

  64. hi there.

    i own a small interior design business in chicago, il. i was in the midst of writing an e-letter to potential clients when i saw this post. really made me think about what i was asking of them….

  65. Thanks for this meet-and-greet — what a terrific idea! Hi, there — I’m Diane Levin, based in the Greater Boston area. Besides being a devoted reader of Small Business Trends, I’m a mediator and negotiation trainer/coach who helps people talk things out or ask for what they need. I blog at Mediation Channel, and my twitter handle is @dianelevin

  66. @Sheryl Schuff, CPA
    Thanks for sharing about your biz and your ideas around an eBook on WordPress. Kudos.

    Have you ever read David Meerman Scott’s book on the New Rules of PR? He talks a lot about eBooks and, in fact, drove a ton of sales for his own book by giving away chapters of it and soliciting feedback while it was in motion.

  67. @Ivana I wonder about Martin’s ubiquitous posting, too. I thought I didn’t sleep much, but I think he wins the award! I’m very glad for his comments and activity and enthusiasm. I echo his thoughts on seeing active participation creates an addictive need to share some more…

  68. @Mary Grace — you didn’t tell us anything about your biz!! Please do.

  69. Michael Santarcangelo

    I am the founder and “chief catalyst” at Security Catalyst – We work with organizations to proactively change the way people protect information to reduce costs, increase revenue and manage risk.

    A lot of people consider what we do to be security – and it is, and more. We focus on people, information and risk – with an emphasis on people.

    I am the author of “Into the Breach” and serve my clients through speaking, seminars and implementation guidance.

    I’m excited to find this site – since I run a small business and now focus on helping small businesses improve while protecting their information.

    Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself.

  70. Hi community,

    It’s great to learn more about everyone interested in Small Business Trends!

    I’m Scott Harris, and most of my experience is in technology marketing in entrepreneurial environments. I’ve been a part of multiple start-ups and currently teach and consult in the marketing space while managing my most recent company GivingPal ( ), a charitable shopping website.


  71. Hi, I am the director of a start-up called Yoo-Pod Ltd.
    After 15 years or so being the production designer for the red hot chili peppers I decided it was neccessary for me to produce and release my own industrial/concept designs.
    We’re working on two things for release right now – Qube™ , a higher end MP3 docking system in natural materials- designed here in New Zealand and made in the U.S.
    The second being the intelligent bed – a luxury item for hotels and airline lounges, in prototype second round funding stage.

    We’re totally new and sometimes it’s a little like feeling around in the dark – I’m glad I stumbled on this site. It seems we’re not alone out here:)

  72. Hi,
    I’m the founder of Marketing for Mavens. We help web marketers build connections with their visitors by matching content, campaigns, and promotions to their individual needs.

    I also maintain, a site devoted to collecting the best articles, posts and tips on web marketing.

  73. Hi,

    It is great to wake up and see all these community introductions.

    I am Susan Oakes and I help small business owners increase their marketing expertise. I also blog at about marketing and customer relationships.

  74. Rich Ridler, Retired Physician Asistant (25yrs), Retired Navy LCDR (32yrs). Owner/Operator: Mission 1 Fitness in Mount Dora, FL. I offer a complete fitness program designed around individual needs, using my new designed C.A.T. programing. Nothing like it anywhere! You think you know everything there is to know anout health & Fitness? I’ll change your mind! Training personally, onsite or via net. 352-483-3484.

  75. Hi! Great site! Interesting profiles. Thank you.

    My name is Nancy Rothrock, I have created health diaries for daily journaling that are elegant, discrete, organized, convenient in size for portability and therefore used more consistently.

    They are an excellent aid in reporting back to a health care provider.

    My first diary, Little Black Book~Daily Food Diary, is used by dieters, diabetics, people with allergies or migraines and memory issues. Sometimes they are caregivers and moms.

    In production are my creations with a very nice Fitness Diary included. Detailed and user friendly; all in color to make it more interesting to use.

    They sell for $19.99 for a three month diary (100 pages) or $29.99 for a one year supply.

    Named SHAPE Magazine’s #1 Favorite Food Diary in Nov 2007 issue and featured in Family Circle Magazine January 2009.

    My marketing efforts are grass roots and geared toward, dieters, diabetics, personal trainers, dieticians, endocrinologists, corporate wellness specialists and editors, just to name a few.

    With NO marketing or Packaging budget, is it difficult to get a great set of products going past the trademark stage.

    I began my test market on eBay and moved on to Amazon while building my website and site which is in development.

    The learning curve was huge with thousands of hours of reading Small Biz sites and weight loss and diabetes information.

    Early on I spent a large amount of money on ill-fated PR producers and webmaster wanna bes…now I forum-market only because it is free.

    Thank you for your time! Hang in there!~Nance

  76. I work for a small business development firm. We help small businesses look bigger and operate smoother. Our niche is 50 or less.

  77. Scott Fox, E-Commerce Success Blog

    Hi all,
    I’m Scott Fox. I’m an e-commerce coach and author of the best-selling book “Internet Riches.”
    I blog about practical startup and Internet marketing strategies for online solopreneurs at
    I’m a regular reader (and fan) of Anita and Small Business Trends, too.
    Scott Fox

  78. @ TJ McCue

    No, I haven’t read anything by David Meerman Scott, but I’m going over to his web site now. Thanks for the suggestion.

    BTW I’m @SherylSchuff on Twitter and I just followed you there.

    Thanks again for opening up the community conversation here at Small Business Trends. You guys rock!

  79. I love small business. I grew up in a small family business and apart from the first two years after college working in the software industry, I have been an entrepreneur. I am the founder of Renton’s Inc (, founded in 1991, sold in 2005. I also founded Lightning Labels Inc. ( founded in 2002, sold in 2008. I am currently working for the new owners of Lightning Labels and am planning my next venture. I blog about the label industry at Like many entrepreneurs I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, but I am most happy when I am working on marketing.

  80. Hello, everyone! I am the proud owner of Athena Business Services LLC, an organizational and personal development company. I partner with organizations to maximize profitability using a variety of tools including strategic planning, management and process development and technology integration. I also work with individuals to reach their higheest potential in both their personal and professional lives.

    I look forward to interacting with this community.

    Check me out on LinkedIn

  81. Hi, I’m a co-founder of helps small businesses find and evaluate technology products and services that best fit their needs. The platform also helps IT professionals (such as YFNCG) market themselves more efficiently.

    Please go check it out. The service is totally free (we will make money from ads). Your feedback is appreciated.



  82. Thanks for the invite!

    Eric Clemens, President of Acroment Technologies. We partner with our clients to proactivly solve their IT problems. Located in Cleveland Ohio, we work exclusively with companies that have fewer than 100 employees.

  83. @Diane DiPiero Glad to have you here. There’s always a place for professional writers in the world of small business!

    @John Cox Moving out of construction seems a good move! I have investments I wish I could sell right now… We’ll look to hear more of your adventures in Internet Marketing.

  84. @Susan Payton Wow, great business name! I’ll have to go check out the Sparkplugging Blog network. Another great name. Thanks for sharing about your co.

  85. @Ivana You are such an anchor to this community. I’ve long appreciated your posts and ideas. Thank you for giving us some details about your work.

  86. Hello everyone !
    I work as a deputy scientific attache for the Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the US. I’m located in Boston and me and my team are specialized on innovation issues, i.e technology transfers and entrepreneurship. We basically foster collaboration between French and US actors on these topics, notably helping French high level technology entrepreneurs to settle in the US. Never hesitate to get in touch with us if we could be of any help (or even for a wine and cheese !). Thanks. Yann

  87. Thanks to everyone for the comments and for the reminder by adding profiles or links to your LinkedIn profiles, or Facebook, or Twitter.

    It is good to connect in a variety of places (and times?) to keep the brainstorming going. We have groups going on Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter (see links below) where we’d welcome you. The discussions in these other networks mirror what we have on site, but there are discussions and ideas that take on a life of their own, but largely still reflect Anita’s mission and passion.

  88. Hello, this is my first time visiting the site. Looks like a great resource for a small business owner like myself. My name is Jason Adams, I’m a website designer and developer. I started JMA Design Studio a few months ago, with the hope of providing my design services for small business owners. I wish to provide custom websites at pricing that start-ups and entrepreneurs can afford.

    You can follow me with my twitter, which is

    Thank you very much for this opportunity to introduce myself.

    Hope to hear from you!

  89. Mark Anderson, cartoonist. I do stuff for Forbes, WSJ, and, of course, Small Business Trends! I’m also a stay-at-home dad and I play with LEGOs.

  90. Hello,
    I am Joel Libava.
    I am The Franchise King.
    I am the franchise expert in residence at Small Business Trends, and write a monthly column here.

    My firm helps those interested in franchise ownership find the right ones. I also am a pioneer in Franchise Social Marketing strategies.

    Joel Libava

  91. Hello,
    My name is Rick Resch, and I’m the CEO and founder of the blog, “”
    I want to serve the world of Ferrari enthusiasts by providing as much quality information as possible to be of some value to the fans of Ferrari.
    You can look at my blog at:, and an older and my first blog at:
    Hope to see you at my blogs.

    Best Regards,
    Rick Resch

  92. That post is so basic but often forgotten. Thanks TJ.
    I’m Mark in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
    I love entrepreneurship in all its shades.
    My ventures are in SF and NY in services such as outsourcing, import/export, and micro-financing of small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Email anytime, community.

  93. Shashi Bellamkonda

    Hi TJ,

    Nice to read the comments and get to know more people. I am Shashi Bellamkonda – Social Media Swami of Network Solutions (Yes! That’s a real title)We have a listening post to connect with customer and the community using social media tools. We believe we can earn karma points by making Small Businesses succeed online. Network Solutions Small Business blog is and my personal blog is


  94. I’m back! 6:15 AM here in Gothenburg, Sweden! I have had a great meeting regarding a new business ventures. It has something to do with making “connections” depending on how you are dressed… Some of you out there are potential customers! 🙂

    Staci: Cute cat. To Walt: Check out Morris the cat in action. Click on “Martin Lindeskog” Says: and watch some video clips.

  95. TJ: Thanks for kind words. I have sent you an email via LinkedIn. I have to get Steven Tylock’s e-book, The LinkedIn Personal Trainer, at some time in the near future.

    If you want to connect with me on LinkedIn, click on “Martin Lindeskog” Says:

  96. Mark Bantigue: What’s your email address? I want to discuss import / export, micro-financing, and of course, one of the greatest places in the world: The Big Apple! 🙂

  97. Mark “Andertoons”: So, you play with LEGO? Have you been in Denmark? Please read my post, 50 Years of LEGO. Click on “Martin Lindeskog” Says:

  98. By the way: Who will write comment #100? How about a prize?! 🙂 I’m still waiting for my prize for writing comment #1! 😉

    All the Best,


  99. Hi, Martin:

    Yes, I work on e-books; in fact, I’m helping a group of female business owners with one, and I’ve got one I’m writing myself. Let me know if you’re looking for some assistance in that area.

    As for the Patriots, it’s okay to like them, as long as you don’t go on and on about the genius of the current coach, since he saved all his magic for after he was with the Browns! I had the same situation with baseball. Growing up in Youngstown, I was a fan of the Reds and then the Yankees. When I moved to Cleveland after living in New York for 10 years, I realized the Yankees were really disliked here, and it would be much safer for me to root for the home team.

  100. Diane,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I want to have some assistance in this area.

    I like the Pats, but I don’t go on and on about the coach. I don’t have too! 😉

    I will send you a gift from the EGO online store at some point. Please send me your snail mail address.

  101. I blog and Twitter daily about how you can improve your business. Everyday you will learn something.

  102. Hi, Martin:

    Feel free to contact me at

  103. Diane,

    Thanks. I will do that.

    Martin AT Lindeskog DOT name

  104. Carl V. Natale a.k.a Duke of URL: How are things in Pine Tree State? I have now commented on your post, How hard should it be to comment? 🙂

  105. I’m the developer of

    A tool for managing your projects, inspired by David Allen’s GTD.

    You can use it to manage and prioritize your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
    A mobile version is available too.

  106. Dan B.: Great to see you here! 🙂 Have your read David Allen’s latest book, “Making It All Work” yet? I have to order it in the near future.

  107. Martin,
    Diane DiPiero is a great lady. And a neighbor!
    Joel Libava

  108. Joel,

    You are living in the same city? Then I have to send you a gift from my EGO store too, so you could walk around the neighborhood, doing positive PR for my blog! 🙂

    Have you been at Chipotle lately? Talking about spicy stuff, time to buy chile pepper seeds soon…

  109. As a research chemist turned small business operator, I absolutley rely on Small Business Trend articles for advice. Our signature product is Patented Fluoride Nail Strengthener that works analagous to toothpaste in that it bonds with calcium to form a very hard, strong bond in the nail.

  110. All:

    And Joel Libava is a great guy 🙂

    Diane DiPiero

  111. @Gary Nickerson Tell us more about how business is going in one of the greatest cities on earth? How’s the local scene. Thank you for your comment.

  112. @Julie Poland Executive coaching is so important. I have a coach that I use from time to time and always appreciate it. I also have an informal business advisory board that guides me through new waters. I’m sure a lot of biz owners need your help today! Keep us posted of your successes helping others, please.

  113. @Walter Wimberly
    Good web design is essential. Do you help them drive traffic to their website, too? PPC campaigns and that sort of thing? I hear a lot of biz owners talking about they have a website, now what?

  114. @Jim Poor
    Awesome! I love wildlife photography. Will go check out your new site.

    I saw a terrific strategy the other day on LinkedIn — instead of making your profile photo one of yourself, make it one of your works. And rotate it frequently as this will make you show up in your network more often (you see those “Jim Poor just updated his profile photo…”. It would be great if you could tie this to a Flickr photostream that did it automatically, but I haven’t seen that one yet.

  115. @Lauri Burkons
    Tell me more about this terrific sounding niche. You focus mostly on technical writing for people using Oracle? Instructional design is a hot field.

  116. Great to be here!

    I’m Terry Hernon MacDonald, and I blog regularly at Dating Advice Almost Daily (,and I’m co-owner of Single Women Rule (,a global network of single women reveling in life’s magic and feeling truly fulfilled – whether the knight in shining (or newly refurbished) armor ever arrives!

    Please follow me on

  117. To follow-up with a comment I made earlier. My business that I started online is to provide small business owners a web presence, so that they themselves can gain business. What I do is create custom websites and graphics that do not resemble their competitors. Please feel free to check out my design studio website at:

    Also feel free to check out:

  118. Terry Hernon MacDonald,

    I am looking for the Right One… Maybe I should start Single Man Rule as a side project at my EGO blog?! 🙂 You will find my thoughts on this topic, in my post, Writing Down New Resolving Thoughts. (Click on “Martin Lindeskog” Says:)

    I will follow you on Twitter.

    I recommend you to listen to Dr. Ellen Kenner’s (Clinical Psychologist) radio show, “The RATIONAL Basis of Happiness.”

  119. Hi, my name is David Staub. I am a business attorney in Chicago and I primarily represent family-owned and entrepreneurial businesses. I write and speak to groups on a variety of legal, tax and business issues. I also have a website that provides free information to people interested in LLCs.

  120. Hi,
    I’m Jeff Baas. Owner of One Stop Web Support. I’ve been a web marketing consultant for nearly seven years, but my growing passion is to find ways to help prospective business owners make the jump from employee to entrepreneur.

  121. I am Diane Helbig and am a business development coach in the Cleveland area.

    I am improving the world one small business at a time!

    I work with small business owners throughout the US, helping them create successful business development strategies.

  122. This is so amazing! I am loving this comment thread. SO many exciting and innovative businesses. I sincerely love hearing all these cool mini-profiles. Keep it up. Let’s get more entrepreneurs and fellow small biz owners in here so we can learn from one another’s approaches and efforts. I’m sending out some invites to some of my network tonight!

  123. Hello I am Chris..Thanks to everyone for your intros & comments.I’m a Social Media Maven. you can follow on twitter:

  124. HI, I’m Melissa from I love to blog and follow social media trends. is a site devoted to small business growth. Check us out!

  125. Chris,

    I am now following you on Twitter. See you around in NYC!

  126. David Staub, I am interested in learning on how to set up a LLC. I have read Judy Gedge’s book, A Legal Road Map For Consultants. I met her during my college years in New England. She is an attorney at law in CT.

  127. We are Profits Plus. We help small businesses increase their profits plus build their business for the future.

  128. TJ’s connector power is growing by leaps and bounds. Hello all, Jeffrey Barman here. I wear a variety of hats, as a SMB CEO, mid-market investment banker, and entrepreneur. My speciality is building teams, setting strategy, and creating wealth for financial and M&A driven transactions. I’m currently very active in the coin laundry / laundromat industry. Happy to help by answering questions or making introductions to my linkedin network.

  129. Hi! I own Papercut Marketing, a boutique marketing and PR agency in Atlanta, GA. I pride myself on providing big agency services without the overhead-heavy price tag. Writing is my passion and I truly enjoy the process of learning about my clients and turning their unique stories into targeted messaging. Check out my blog at

  130. I feel like I’m at a 7 step meeting…

    Hi, my name is Dave Crain.

    I work for a company called MAGNET ( in our business incubator. I coach and mentor high-growth potential technology entrepreneurs, helping them accelerate toward commercialization and profitability.

    I write two blogs: for a collaborative of 5 regional incubators all focused on the same mission.

    I also pen a personal blog,, where I discuss the topics of entrepreneurship, personal excellence and positive leadership.

    I’m getting ready to post my second annual Entrepreneurial Qualities survey very soon and would love to have you stop by and add your comments both to the survey and my blog.


  131. Welcome to the Sales Rescue Team members who are posting profiles and intros in here. Thanks for coming in and joining this community. I think you’ll be pleased at the quality of discussion, the articles by Anita (amazing and practical tips and ideas). We always need sharp minds and active people here, so come back often.

    Also, the Research Section has useful items:

    And you’ll want to check out the Press Release tab above: Free news release service.

  132. Hi!
    I’m the President & co-founder of Etched Images, Inc. located in the Napa Valley, California.
    We are the leading wine bottle etching company in the U.S. largely because of our talented fifteen artisans.
    We replicate winery labels on full or empty large format bottles and produce business gift bottles of wine. All done by hand.. hand-etched (sand blasted) and hand painted!
    We also distribute NoChip Dip dipping wax to wineries and home winemakers all over North America.

    Stu McFarland

  133. @Terry Hernon MacDonald
    Welcome. Your site sounds like a lot of fun and very energizing. Come back often and share your experiences and look for ideas from the experts here. There’s some really good stuff. I learn every time i read one of Anita’s posts and then the hard part is trying to keep up with her and implement some of those ideas in my company!

  134. Oh, also meant to share with everyone here that Anita is putting together a great Twitter list. If tweeting is your thing, get on this list!

  135. I don’t know if Arne Hulstein, a member of my network, will show up here. I invited him, but he has some good reminder thoughts about why we network, why we seek to leverage our social networks at his blog this week.

    Worth a read. Let me know what you think.

  136. I’m the founder of Smart Bear Software (, a bootstrapped, no-debt, no-VC software company in Austin that now employs 15 and is still profitable even now.

    I blog about startups and marketing here:

    And twitter ID is `asmartbear`

  137. I’m Brian Butler, Owner of Butler Consultants and was created to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with a source for custom, accurate and quality financial forecasting.

  138. TJ: I have now commented on Arne Hulstein’s post,
    Monetizing your social network.

  139. I am a consultant specializing in Marketing, Operations, HR, and Strategic Planning for Startups, Small and Mid-sized Businesses. Our goal is to help you grow your business. Please check out our blog at .

  140. Wow! I am really enjoying your introductions, and I am checking out individual websites and blogs from all of you.

    Thanks so much, keep the introductions coming!

    – Anita 🙂

  141. I a Brian McLaughlin, a part-time freelance business researcher from Syracuse, NY helping clients keep up with the marketplaces that affect them.

  142. I am Chaitanya Sagar and I run p2w2 ( It stands for People To Work With and we help small businesses outsource so they can focus on their business.

    Small businesses come to us with that they want to (ranging from website building to research to marketing) and we find the right people they can partner with and help them with the right information so they can make the right decisions.

    I blog at

  143. Hi gang: I’m the Principal of Julia Reich Design, a creative brand strategy and graphic design firm.

    We specialize in—but are not limited to— helping clients involved in food, wine, agriculture, education & the environment, to design brand strategy, marketing campaigns, print design, packaging, and websites.

  144. Hi everyone. I’m a long-time fan and Cleveland neighbor of Anita, but a first-time commenter on the blog.

    You know the feeling you get when your software project is hitting obstacles or going off the rails? I’m the one you call to get the project back on track with technical, process, and emotional help. Now I have a service offering that does it in about a day and a half!

  145. Martin, i left you an email through your link. In case you did not get it, my email is

    Good weekend!

  146. Friends call me Cecile. I love training less fortunate individuals in my country. I love when they tell me I changed their life by teaching them skills to earn an income. I always tell my students, my focus is to “Help People, Help Themselves.” I have another blog Please email me for comments. Cecile

  147. Social Networking San Diego supports and educates businesses on the value and growing trend in social networking, social media, and internet marketing for business. This trend in social networking and social media for business has been packaged together for local business to use as a proven internet marketing system and online advertising strategy to focus on lead generation and driving traffic to company websites.

  148. Scott Bradley @ScottBradley

    Thanks for the invitation to share a little bit about myself.

    My name is Scott Bradley and I am an entrepreneur, social media specialist and love to connect people and connect with other like minded individuals who love the same things I do.

    I am currently working alongside Mike Michalowicz, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, managing all of the social media marketing communications for him and his book.

    I would love to connect! Find me on twitter at @ScottBradley. I look forward to getting to know you!

  149. Hi,

    My name is Duane Davis and I have been blogging for almost two years on workplace training.

    I have been training on-the-job since 1997, ten of those years training Air Traffic Controllers for the Australian Military.

    I have just finished my first book “Controlling Training”.

    It’s great to meet such a bunch of enthusiastic people.

  150. @David Staub Glad to have you. We always need more sharp legal minds helping the business owners here. I know Martin was looking for some ideas on LLCs.

  151. @Jeff Baas Although there are plenty of consultants doing web work of some type in this community, there’s always room for high quality work! Keep at it and thanks for sharing your info.

  152. @Diane Helbig — This is a great quote/tagline for a business! I love it.

    “I am improving the world one small business at a time!”

  153. Local Internet Marketer
    Local Internet USA (
    Domain Investor (

    x Finance Guy founding two very successful specialty finance companies
    20+ years financial deal making
    Works Out
    Loves Music
    Lives Simply

    Favorite Writers & Books: C G Jung, Joseph Conrad, Walter Mosley, Herman Melville, James Lee Burke

    Favorite Musicians & Music: Jazz, Blues, Classical, Springsteen, Otis Taylor. Cat Stevens, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Les Miserables, Gospel, Amazing Grace

    Favorite Films (among others)
    The Fugitive
    Bourne movies all
    Parallax View
    The Dirty Dozen
    Apocolypse Now
    Frederico Fellini 8 1/2 & all Fellini
    The Wild Bunch
    Wings of Desire

  154. Thanks TJ! I really enjoy your site/blog and appreciate being added to the group!

  155. Hi! I’m a trainer and speaker and I work with people in transition who wake up one day and ask themselves, “What Now?”. Especially in this time of economic changes, lots of people are looking at their lives and making changes. My Disconnect Your Oughta-PilotTM program will be unveiled on April 3,2009 and culminates over 20 years of research, writing and speaking.

  156. I work for an internet marketing startup called LotusJump. We provide an internet marketing solution for small businesses who can’t afford a professional agency. Our SaaS product shows all skill levels how and where to do internet marketing to increase search engine rankings and your digital footprint.

  157. @Chris — tell us more about what you mean by Social Media Maven. We are a savvy group here and probably can give our own definitions, but we’d like yours! Welcome to the community.

  158. @Melissa Nery GrabbingGreens — sounds very cool and sustainable. Will go check out your site. Thanks for joining in.

    Have you ever seen Sustainable Industries Journal (based out of San Francisco)?
    Great publication.

  159. Marvin Schuldiner, Sanns, LLC

    My business is dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration) and business optimization (business and supply chain consulting, website development).

  160. @Tom Shay
    Tell us more, sir. How do you increase company profits? Always an appealing topic. Thanks for posting.

  161. @Jeffrey Barman
    Well, sir, it is good to see you in here. I always love a good niche brain in these sorts of discussions. Share some of your stories about how you’ve grown your laundromat ventures and continue to do so. People gotta have clean clothes…

  162. @Star Borner
    Thanks for a complete profile. All of us can appreciate that you do your work at less cost. That’s important in all times, but particularly now. I don’t know how the big agencies are doing, but it would seem to me that you were in a prime spot, Star.

  163. @Dave Crain
    You are at a 7 Step program, Dave!! Seven steps to Success by reading and participating at We’re glad you are here.

    Please come back and tell us more about the entrepreneur projects you are working on and share some of your incubator success stories.

  164. @Stu McFarland
    What a beautiful niche! I love businesses like yours where you do something that very few do and that really makes an impact. Very cool.

    Check out Anita’s latest post on Outrageous Money Saving ideas. PDF download. You may have some ideas for the next one or pick up some to use today!

  165. My name is Brian Gladu and I am the owner of, a virtual assistant company. Our goal is to help overworked small and microbusiness owners by taking care of the busywork and day-to-day tasks that aren’t the best use of their time. The idea is that we take care of the small stuff so they can focus on the big picture – building their business or just spending time with their family. I enjoy improving the quality of life of other business owners… because I know exactly what’s it’s like to be overworked and still swamped with things to do!

  166. I fix broken marketing. If you’re spending more money on money on Web sites, brochures, and direct mail than you earn, your marketing is broken.

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  167. My name David Ormerod and I recently launched a product called Outside Smoking Cards which started after seeing people at a local bar placing napkins on top of their glasses to indicate they were outside smoking. After joking to my wife, the idea was born. Simply place the Outside Smoking Card in front of your glass while outside smoking. Check out the website

  168. My name is Sanjeev Aggarwal and I am an ‘SMB and mid-market'(businesses with less than 1000 employees) technology market research and consulting expert at Hurwitz & Associates. I specialize in providing insight on technology trends, adoption of current and future technology solutions, spending patterns and market segmentation to vendors, VARs and businesses that focus on this complex and large market. This segment accounts for more than 99% of all businesses in the U.S. with technology products and services spending of $200 billion annually.

  169. @Jason Cohen
    KUDOS, man. No debt. Smart way to run your biz when you can do. Thanks for joining in. Keep sharing your ideas.

  170. @Butler Consultants
    Good financial projections are clutch! Thanks for posting.

  171. @Linda Daichendt
    Hi Linda, I think you are the first person from the LinkedIn Small Business Trends Group to join in the discussion here. Thank you. Glad to learn a bit more about your business? What’s driving the most revenue for your company now, out of that list of 4 or so specialties?

  172. Oh, forgot to mention, if you’re willing, please go vote for this post at Click my name above and it will take you there. You can then vote for the post.

  173. Hi, my name is Eduardo. I’m an international business student at Florida International University in Miami, Fl. I’m currently working in my startup which consists on desktop computers with Internet access located at airport gates, targeting airlines passengers who want to check their email or surf the web. We will first, focus on Dominican Republic and expand abroad to other Latin American Countries.

  174. Hello, I’m Tim and is a new, free lawyer review site for entrepreneurs and small business owners to share useful information (i.e. honest feedback about quality, cost and performance) on outside legal counsel. It’s all about real customer experiences with their attorneys. I would love to hear your feedback.

  175. @Brian McLaughlin
    Thanks for posting. You didn’t put in your website. Please drop back in and post that site. Business research is really helpful in this economic time. It can mean the difference between a good decision and a mediocre decision.

  176. @Chaitanya Sagar

    Thanks for joining in this intro thread. Loved the article you just posted here:

  177. Hi – HR Resolutions provides realistic, affordable human resource services and solutions helping businesses overcome the issues, challenges and frustrations of having employees. We deliver our services on-site, on call but only as needed!

  178. I’m Mike Payton, President of New Life Diamonds & Gems where we create cultured diamonds from hair or cremation remains. We are also sponsoring the Diamonds of Hope Celebrity Diamond Auction where we will be auctioning off cultured diamonds created from the locks of celebrity donors to help fund their charities or foundations. Very cool stuff!

  179. Michael Ekenstam

    Hi I have just recently started my company Screencraft. I make screen windows and doors in the Salt Lake Valley. I have not yet got a website, but I have had a successful quarter and business looks promising.

  180. @Michael Ekenstam
    Welcome!! Glad to hear about your new venture, Michael. Heading into summer — seems like the perfect time to kick off a screen door co. Despite the economy, people still get hot and want to let some cool air in!

  181. @Mike Payton What a niche! Sounds like an awesome approach to get some attention, too. Great idea Mike. Keep us posted with how it goes.

  182. @Karen Young Hi Karen. The growing pains involved in hiring and managing employees, contract or otherwise, is a challenge for many. You should have plenty of customers.

  183. @Elena — Targetspot sounds really cool. Keep us posted on your audio ads.

    @Susan Cartier Liebel — you have a great niche. There are a lot of “recovering attorneys” out there (a term many of my lawyer friends use, not me poking any fun), so I’m sure your offering will catch attention.

    @Jaci Struwe — Martin sent a message asking for more info!

    @Sharon Hurley Hall — keep us informed of what you find in various web-based apps. That’s always an area of interest.

  184. My name is Janet Tyler and I am co-founder and president of Airfoil Public Relations. Airfoil, with offices in Detroit and Mountain View, Calif., is an independent firm specializing in marketing communications and public relations for both emerging and established brands. Airfoil Industry Leadership Groups serve a growing client roster in Consumer, Enterprise, Health Care, Industrial/Green and Microsoft technology segments. The agency’s Client Solutions Group provides depth of experience to inform and accelerate clients’ Marketing Communications, Digital and Social Media, and Brand Strategy programs. Airfoil has been named Technology Agency of the Year by the Holmes Report and recognized as a top firm in numerous industry rankings.

  185. @Asharah — have you checked into various Local Search ideas for building awareness about your dance studio? Sounds like the ideal way to put a free listing up in Google and elsewhere.

    @Michele Price — prosperity news right now is a great thing! Keep it coming.

    @Darcee Sellers — VA work is booming. Anita has one, so do I. And a VA with Bookkeeping skills is really good!

    @David Libby — great PR folks are tough to find. And you’ve done work for some great names we know. Thanks for joining this conversation. Invite others!

  186. Hello, I’m an evangelist, i talk (a lot) about products, companies, and ideas I believe in. I founded a couple online retail businesses (most recent –

    Look forward to meeting with you!

  187. @TJ McCue. Sorry about taking over a month to respond to you. I did not realize anyone was responding to me. I am the technical writer specializig in Oracle instructional design.

    Yes, instructional design is big IF a company has not cut back to the point where employee training has been lost in the economy cutbacks. While many of us know the extreme value of up-to-date training, the decision makers do not see the ROI to get it done. Such a shame.

    Irons in the fire. Something will happen soon.

  188. Hi there! What a great thread. Seems like it could go on forever.

    I’m Marcia. Was poking around the site a few months ago then lost track — glad I found you again.

    After owning a marketing communications firm (under 10 people) for 25 years (still have it), I’m now consulting with small businesses on hiring the right people and building the best teams for them, so they can get back to what they started their business for in the first place. I got so many questions about my self-directed team and how I was able to extract myself from the business, that I decided to teach what I had learned.

    I live in Grosse Ile, Michigan, with my husband and two doglets, Amazing Grace, a bichon, and Liesl Diesel Weasel Bezo, a miniature long haired dachshund, who needs a long name.

    Great group here!

  189. I am the author of several business and technology books. The latest are: Whiz Biz in Changing Times, to help people create their dream job, and Whiz Teens in business, to help teens create their summer job. I have also created to help people create their dream job by starting a small business. offers free online business tutorials and seminars, as well as a blog discussing business start-ups and alerting people to online scams. Chat groups and networking opportunities are also offered to new and seasoned entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit

  190. Butler Consultants mission is to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with a source for their financial model needs.

  191. I developed as a free resource to help business owners retire. Selling a company is challenging. I hope to make it a little easier.

  192. Hi Anita,
    I really liked your article on tweetchats…another twitter mystery solved (#xxxx). I will use it!

    I’m an entrepreneur who’s using social media tools in the “physical” products we’re launching. I also consult with big and small companies on how to capture the potential of interactivity when you develop any business plan. I have an idea of a concept that I’m seeing. I will be blogging about it soon. I’m at:
    julieburrows on twitter website
    Nice to meet you and great site…I need it for my small business!

  193. I design and make handmade greeting cards. I cover all the popular catergories and also offer a ‘Customise a card’ service which could be anything to adding a name to a card or designing a card from scratch for anything at all! Have a look!

  194. “Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy”
    I sure see your name around a lot. Where are you located at?

  195. Hi, I am based in Dublin, Ireland.

  196. Hi everyone I currently own 2 businesses, a residential / commercial painting company and a brand new venture, my partner and I harvest and recycle left over latex paints. were starting to find out that our customers and some retailers are getting the message.It makes more sense to keep it out of the land fills and put it back on the walls.

  197. We would like to introduce ourself as software solution provider for Banking, Finance, Insurance, Sales & Retail, Inventories, Accounts, HRMS (web based), Payroll, CRM (Web based), Sales Tracking System, Stationary Management System, Resourcing System, Bug Tracking System , Project Management System, Web site designing, Web Hosting services, Search Engine.
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  198. Hi my name is Tommie and I run a consulting company that help small businesses in my local area with online marketing, technology, etc. I am also a blogger and I build “money sites” online for affiliate marketing and CPA marketing.

    I will soon be Google Adwords Qualified because I have been doing Pay Per Click for quite some time, but only recently applied to the program so my 90 days are running now.

    With all these comments on this post, it looks like this website is prime for a forum. This would be an excellent resource for members of the community to share with each other. Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself.

  199. I just found this website after a Twitter connection to Anita. I have been loving the site and found this exchange. What a great idea.

    I am a business lawyer determined to help businesses protect themselves against legal risks and threats – civil and criminal. I just released a new book : “Business Law Battle Plan for Entrepreneurs: Protect Your Company From Lawyers, Lawsuits and Legal Disasters.” Check it out at

  200. Hello all! I’m a blogger and fairly new to the site. My special interests including entrepreneurship and small business grants (non-government).

    I have found this site to be a great resource…and I’m looking forward to becoming a regular participant.

    Warm Regards,


  201. @Marjorie Jobe
    Hi Marjorie, thanks for joining in the conversation here. We always need sharp minds helping other biz owners and looking out for one another with ideas and books. Thanks for sharing it.

    @Andrea Smith
    We’re glad you’re here and blogging! Tell us more about your work in small business grants — many people are interested in that topic.

  202. Thanks so much for the response TJ!

    As it relates to grants, my goal is to identify and disseminate information on as many unemcumbered sources of cash as possible (i.e., non-government sources) for the benefit of America’s entrepreneurs and ultimately, the nation’s economy.

    At present, my blog has three posts for grant competitions that are still taking applications. (One is the Intuit competition that Small Business Trends has already covered.) To check out those posts, just logon at

    While I will continue posting opportunities over the coming weeks, I expect to publish a comprehensive listing of small business grant opportunities via ebook by this June.

    Thanks again for writing.

    Love the site!

  203. Kimberly Petruska

    I am an artist that designs and creates Personalized gifts for Children, Weddings ect. I have a retail site and sell wholesale to other stores, websites and catalogues. My passion is creating new products to showcase also in a Cafe /Party boutique that is being planned which will allow me to create an experience for my customers that is very unique.

  204. @Kimberly Petruska
    Thanks for sharing about your business. It sounds like a solid niche — please tell me more about how you do wholesale for a personalized product.

  205. Kimberly Petruska

    Hi TJ,
    Stores usually order a sample set in different sizes and Styles and then their customers can order from a catalog. For my online and catalog clients they order and I dropship the orders directly to the customer. The gift market is challenging, so the personalization is a big advantage.

  206. @Kimberly Petruska
    Thanks for sharing about your store and drop shipping. I’m working on a project now trying to sort out how to get merchants overseas to ship authentic travel products when a US consumer orders. It is not an easy nut to crack. Have you thought about bundling your personalized product with other pre-made, standard gifts — and the merchants who create those?

    On your custom products specifically, I would think that teaming up with other specialty products targeting children and tweens, would yield some opportunities. Your tagline makes me think that kids celebrating some momentous and powerful occasion would be ideal for your personalized approach. Another reader here, Kathy Pickus, is co-founder of, which might make for an interesting bundle with that personalized touch you offer.

    I like the cafe angle — it would seem that stores might want to have a customized, branded gift that they co-market with you to remind customers about that special “third place” in their lives. Hmm, that would take some more thought.

  207. @Andrea Smith
    Wow, your blog post on boost your productivity is terrific. Thanks for joining in the conversation here and looking forward to hearing more from you.

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