ProPay Launches ProtectPay

Orem, Utah (PRESS RELEASE – February 20, 2009) – ProPay, the industry’s most comprehensive provider of simple, safe and affordable merchant payment solutions, today announced the formal launch of ProtectPayTM, a fully encrypted payment card processing, transmission and repository service. ProtectPay enables merchants with a complete end-to-end secure option for processing credit card payments in real time and/or the secure storage and use of encrypted credit card data for future transactions including repeat billing.

ProPay is fully PCI compliant and meets the stringent requirements of a Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Service Provider. Visa has outlined the Level 1 requirements in a document the company has posted at

ProtectPay significantly reduces or even eliminates the PCI compliance burdens for merchants, service providers, and companies by providing a service to securely store, transmit, and process the data. This allows merchants and service providers to free up critical time and resources that can therefore be used to build and expand their core businesses.

By removing sensitive data, merchants, service providers, and other companies can reduce or eliminate the risks associated with storing card holder data which may include breach notification costs, loss of reputation and other costs that are associated with losing data.

“With data breaches becoming increasingly commonplace, the security and protection provided by ProtectPay is essential,” said Greg Pesci, ProPay Executive Vice President of Business Strategy. “We applaud Visa’s efforts to educate merchants and service providers through ongoing training and the ‘Drop the Data’ campaign. We believe ProtectPay is directly aligned with this initiative, given that it enables merchants to never see or touch their customers’ sensitive data-even for refunds or repeat billing.”

ProtectPay offers the following features:

· Encrypts sensitive customer data directly from the customer so cardholder data never touches a merchant’s system

· Stores, transmits and processes sensitive customer payment data, always in encrypted form

· Allows the data to be safely used for repeat billing and ongoing business transactions

· Provides a single interface to major gateways, processors, and service providers

· Stores multiple customer payment cards and alternative payment methods

· Allows for ongoing management of customers’ payment data

· Provides data search and reporting capabilities

· Facilitates refunds and credits

“Business owners should be enabled to focus on their core competencies and running their businesses,” said Pesci. “They should not be distracted by the risks of storage, transmission and processing of sensitive data.”

ProtectPay is available now. More information is available at

As part of an ongoing effort to educate the industry, ProPay is holding a Data Security Summit at the Snowbird Ski Resort in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 18-19. Among the speakers are leaders from the Payment Card Industry including:

· Bob Russo, General Manager of the PCI Security Standards, Council

· Chris Mark, Co-founder of the Society of Payment Security Professionals

· Dr. Heather Mark, Co-founder of the Society of Payment Security Professionals

· Michael Dortch, Media Expert

· Representation from the FBI

The speakers will be addressing topics such as data security, risk mitigation, PCI Compliance and more. The event is free of charge. For more information, visit

About ProPay

Since 1997, ProPay has led the market in providing simple, safe and affordable credit card processing and electronic payment services for businesses ranging from the small, home-based entrepreneur to multi-billion-dollar enterprises.

ProPay understands the unique needs of these businesses and has created merchant services specifically for them. With ProPay, merchants can set up accounts online and begin accepting credit cards without buying special equipment or making long-term commitments or investments. ProPay leads out in educating merchants about how to reduce or eliminate the risk of touching or holding sensitive cardholder data. The company also leads the payments market in the development of secure end-to-end solutions for protecting sensitive data and alternative payment options that significantly reduce business costs.

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