Remindo Launches Free Office Social Productivity Application

WASHINGTON, DC, (PRESS RELEASE – February 6, 2009) –, whose social productivity and intra-office collaboration applications help businesses of all sizes get more done, today announced that its Web platform is publicly available for anyone to use for FREE. delivers a simple, easy and effective way to collaborate and communicate with co-workers and teammates. Combining the best features of social networks, group messaging, project management, knowledge management, competitive intelligence, and file storage, delivers the simple productivity boost that businesses need, especially now.

“ provides tools that businesses of all sizes can easily and quickly implement to improve productivity and employee efficiency,” said Rehan yar Khan, CEO of Remindo. “It’s important to us that these benefits are available for free during this challenging economic time to allow businesses, especially small businesses, to get more accomplished with the resources and tools at their disposal. I have a feeling our applications will be implemented by visionary people inside innovative companies that are ready to successfully face the current economic situation head on.”

Continued yar Khan, “While other tools focus too heavily on either the social aspects or on the productivity aspects, we believe we’ve hit the right mix of features to drive both user adoption and dramatic productivity gains in the corporation, while helping promote communication and community in the business. Think of Remindo as the single place where companies can get Basecamp-like project management, Twitter-like communications, i-Drive-like file storage and iGoogle-like information delivery all managed with through intuitive UI.”

Powerful, Functional Features offers a simple, easy-to-use experience for users by making the tools and capabilities businesses need organized and available in one place. The new features of are:

Automatic Creation of Corporate Groups. When you join, you do so with your corporate e-mail address. Based on this verified address, we automatically add you to your corporate network. At this corporate level, you can use the company “Talk” to anyone in the company about whatever you’re doing or share links – either professionally or socially. In addition, you gain access to any shared corporate resources, including file storage and announcements.

Better, More Strategic Group Productivity.’s Groups features deliver a new way to manage projects and teams. From your corporate network, you can create unlimited groups – such as Marketing, Technology, Human Resources, etc. – and organize them however you want, even hierarchically. This powerful yet easy-to-use workflow keeps everyone up to date on what’s happening, reduces the need to write reports, and gives management clearer visibility to the progress each team is making toward its goals. All Groups also have built in message threads, to-do lists, milestones, and file sharing, so you always have the tools you need at any level to stay productive. These “groups of groups” allow you to have project-level detail in the “subgroup,” and manage the group overall at a bulk level as a task.

An Easy to Use Personal Dashboard.’s Personal Dashboard combines feeds from virtually anywhere on the Web. Because it’s unique to you, you can mix business and social information in it. And when you see something that’s relevant to the company, you can instantly share it with your team in just a few clicks.

Simple, Secure Social Networking Anyone Can Use. Built into are personal profile pages, similar to social networks, where you can share information about yourself, both personal and business-related. Share as much or as little as you want, but since you spend almost as much time with your co-workers as you do with your families, why not learn a little more about them?

Real-time Group Chat. For any level in the corporation, gives users a place to send out quick “tweets” about anything on their mind. It can be about a project, it can be about the weather or the latest sporting event, or it can even be about lunch. This ability to “tweet” gives a business a way to communicate that shared and open, yet secure and private.

Because is currently an Alpha product with many new features planned over the next several months, we are currently providing free access. As early adopters, you’ll have access to surveys and user groups where you can vote on features you want to see.’s mission is to make a social productivity tool that drives community and productivity for businesses of any size. The people that join as charter members will get to participate in making sure that happens.

About Remindo

Founded in 2008, creates Web-based social productivity and collaboration services that can help businesses of all sizes. Based in Washington, DC, with development offices in Mumbai, India, is ready to help you make your business better. Sign up or get more information now at

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