S^3 Helps Companies Combine Web 2.0 To Recruit Passive Candidates

BOCA RATON, FL (PRESS RELEASE – February 9, 2009) – Sharkstrike LLCTM, just released it’s S^3TM offering which encompasses search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and social media/social networking consulting and product offerings that will enable companies to reach and recruit passive candidates.

“Human resources, staffing and recruiting companies that want to be in the web 2.0 space but aren’t sure how to get there or where to start now have a partner for their success” said Jason Gorham, founder and CEO of Sharkstrike LLC” said Gorham.

“Working in search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media and knowing its neouances is a full time, demanding and ever-changing job that companies don’t have dedicated resources to handle or the time to invest. Our forte is to be able to help companies in recruitment pay-per-click, HR-SEO or having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites to capture passive candidates. We help companies understand and define key metrics and targets they want to accomplish, prior to starting any web 2.0 campaign.”

“Companies are deluged with “digital wannabees” as the print sector continues to dwindle and recruitment agencies are now just shifting into the digital space. The founder of Sharkstrike have worked in the digital marketplace since 2003 as an early web 2.0 adopter in the fields of both SEM/SEO and one of the few recruitment advertising agencies in the world to hold patent-pending pay-per-click products for recruitment. We live, breath, and eat all of the technology that encompasses web 2.0 and recruitment.”

Sharkstrike LLC, a division of CareerMetaSearch Inc., delivers a complete range of online and offline recruitment and recruiting services to help companies enhance their total recruitment process.
Our innovative recruitment solutions, and online imperatives, represent recruiting technology at its best. We believe in partnering with our clients by maximizing their recruiting efforts, while minimizing their recruiting budget. We have leveraged our considerable business experience to develop a tried and tested methodology that ensures clients follow a low risk path to success.

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