Sagoon, a New Web Search Engine, Launches Beta Version

(PRESS RELEASE – January 29, 2009) – Sagoon, based in Washington DC, has released the beta version of its new search engine for public testing.

The Internet is reaching more and more people every day. Millions of people visit it every second to contribute information or to search for it. Surfing the Internet has become a part of most everyone’s daily routine. There is an increasing demand to provide information on the Web in innovative and user-friendly ways, as well as to provide businesses the opportunity to flourish online in the most cost-effective manner. Sagoon was founded by two IT professionals Mr. Govinda Giri and Mr. Shiba Dhakal with the purpose of fulfilling these goals.

The key idea behind the Sagoon technology – “Random Vector Model” – is to promote semantic search over the regular lexical search to provide more meaningful information to users. This is done by analyzing the content of Web data and news documents to find out hidden similarities among them. The implementation of “semantic analysis” requires a series of algorithms and mathematical calculations.

The Sagoon results cover a number of resources for variety in results. The results are obtained from a combination of Sagoon’s index, Yahoo Boss, and some of the larger search companies in the online information industry. Search results organized by ideas and concepts provide results based on Web page content analysis. Search results also offer organized features such as tabs to clarify subjects, news display groups, and the most relevant queries to explore more topics. This helps in guiding the users to the desired results with just one mouse click.

Sagoon’s various services like Web search, News Search, Video Search, and Directory and Classifieds are new approaches towards storing resources and information from all over the world. Sagoon is also in the process of developing other niche products with innovative business ideas and approaches which have not been seen on the market yet.

“We are planning an aggressive growth for the company and its technology so that we can continue providing the best search experience on the Web,” says Govinda Giri, founder and chief of Sagoon Inc. “I have a dream of making Sagoon a world class search engine with different user experiences. This beta marks our first step towards eventually creating a different direction in searching the Web.”

Elixir Web Solutions, a New Delhi based interactive media and Technology Company was selected to develop Sagoon’s technology. “Our company was selected to execute this highly ambitious project and our team has lived up to Mr. Giri’s expectations in developing a world class search engine. In fact, the portal is much more than just a search engine and the product also contains a series of sections. In executing this project, we have got a good opportunity to demonstrate our technical expertise and for continued development, there are many more exciting features lined up for Sagoon. Mr. Giri has great vision and I believe Sagoon has the potential to become market leader” – said Mohit Sareen, Elixir’s Founder and CEO.

“Our team approaches Web search differently. By leveraging our expertise in search architecture and relevance methods, we’ve built a more efficient search engine which is richer than display keyword search,” says Sagoon’s chief developer Manish Kumar. “We are in the process of adding unique features to Sagoon such as semantic search and natural language processing. This way, we will be providing artificial intelligence which can understand what exactly the user is looking for, thus providing them the best quality content which they can get on the Web.”

Summary of Sagoon’s features:

Sagoon search engine features clean Web page half-box layout style that separates results by subject and allows further search by category, and user friendly interface. Tabs and group displays in Web results clarify search topics and throw up the most relevant results.

About Sagoon

Sagoon is a privately owned company based in Washington DC. It is dedicated to providing a new window for Web search that combines the largest Web index with content-based relevance methods and organized results. Sagoon derives its name from Sanskrit “Shakuna” meaning “auspicious or ushering good results.” This christening reflects Sagoon’s sincere wish that the exploration of information and resources on the site ushers in “good luck” and augurs well for all businesses and users. For more information, please visit

About Elixir Web Solutions

Elixir Web Solutions is one of the leading interactive media and Technology Company based in New Delhi, India. The company was established in the year 2000, and since then Elixir has executed several large scale projects. At Elixir, we design elegant solutions, create meaningful online-user experiences, and strategically guide and manage interactive-marketing campaigns with measurable results. The technology wing at Elixir is also responsible for making complex Intranet applications. For more information, please visit

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