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Shoeboxed And Outright.com Launch Integration

DURHAM, NC and CAMPBELL, CA (PRESS RELEASE – February 18, 2009) – Shoeboxed, the leader in online receipt management, and Outright.com, the easiest way for self-employed people to manage their bookkeeping, have partnered to allow receipts scanned and uploaded into Shoeboxed to flow seamlessly into Outright.com’s online bookkeeping software. This partnership is the first use of Shoeboxed’s new API.

With Shoeboxed’s mail-in scanning service, users can now send paper receipts in to Shoeboxed and have them scanned and data-entered into their online accounts. Now, those receipts can be automatically synchronized with Outright.com’s bookkeeping application. This streamlines the time-consuming tasks of organizing receipts and accurate bookkeeping for home-based and small businesses.

To achieve this tight integration of the two applications, Outright.com is taking advantage of Shoeboxed’s new API, which makes it possible to automatically update user information each night, once users agree to integrate their Shoeboxed and Outright.com accounts. Users can view the electronic copy of each receipt from within Outright.com and, to further simplify the task of properly completing a Schedule C form, expenses synched with Outright.com inherit the tax categories assigned within Shoeboxed.

Outright.com – key features:

# Easily track business income, invoices, payments. FreshBooks integration included.
# Web-based: works equally well on all platforms. Even Mac!
# Track expenses and never miss another business deduction.
# Match expenses with easy-to-understand expense categories.
# Flag expenses you’re not sure about for discussion with your accountant or bookkeeper.
# Get a detailed breakdown of income and expenses, by category.
# See how much profit you’re making: by month, quarter or year.
# Stay on top of 1099 forms for contractors and freelancers.
# Receive reminders for quarterly tax deadlines.
# See how the quarterly tax estimates are calculated, including self-employment taxes.
# Export your information at any level of detail into a spreadsheet.

About Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed, the leader in online receipt and business card management, scans and organizes its clients’ receipts and business cards to make them more manageable for taxes, reimbursements, budgeting, bookkeeping and contact management. When a client mails receipts to Shoeboxed, they are scanned and entered into an online account with the store name, date, total, expense category and payment type. Clients can also send in email receipts or upload receipts themselves for a complete receipt archive. Additionally, business cards are scanned and uploaded with the data from the front and back of each card.

About Outright.com

Outright.com develops ‘dead simple’ software for self-employed individuals, work-at-home people, sole proprietors, micro-businesses and anyone that files a Schedule C tax return. Our software helps you track income and expenses, pay estimated taxes on time, and see how your business is doing. Outright.com was designed by former Intuit employees who realized that existing personal finance and small-business finance applications simply don’t address the needs of self-employed people. Outright.com is completely web-based, safe, and secure.

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