Surado Announces Release Of On-Demand CRM Solution

Riverside, CA (PRESS RELEASE – February 24, 2009) – Surado Solutions, the developer of sensible CRM solutions for more than a decade, announced the release of Surado CRM Online – Professional Edition, an on-demand / hosted CRM solution. With this release, Surado further extends its breadth of CRM solutions that already include on-premise CRM solutions for small to mid markets, Offline CRM and Web CRM solutions.

Surado CRM Online is for companies of all sizes requiring access to information anytime, anywhere. Combining the core Surado CRM suite including Contact & Account Management, Sales & Opportunity Management, Marketing and Customer Service, Surado CRM Online offers an unprecedented level of convenience, power and flexibility for businesses looking to move beyond simple, under-powered single user and workgroup solutions. Surado’s unique User Interface is easy-to-use, non-cluttered and provides a true 360 degree view. One major difference is the ability to start with the On Demand CRM solution and when it makes business sense, easily move to an on-premise and/or a complete Offline CRM solution.

“Surado CRM Online plays a vital role in taking our business to the next level,” says Carl Rogers, VP of Sales for ArthoNutrition. “When we, as a medical research company, found a breakthrough treatment for Arthritis, we were not quite prepared for the massive amounts of customer data. Surado CRM Online helped us harness this flow of information into a highly useful database. Beyond just searching and sorting, we are now able to pinpoint customer needs and spot market trends early on,” continued Mr. Rogers.

The release of Surado CRM Online – Professional Edition comes after years of development, testing and the build out of a highly secure data center in Surado Corporate Center located in the University Research Park in Riverside, California. The release of the professional edition marks the beginning of a series of On-Demand CRM editions to be released throughout 2009.

“Our vision of providing delivery options, not just CRM solutions in the CRM market place, hits a new milestone with Surado CRM Online,” said Sundip R. Doshi, CEO of Surado Solutions. “With this release, our clients will have sensible options in deploying their CRM initiative, from On-Demand to On-Premise to Offline CRM solutions.”

About Surado CRM Online

For a limited time, Surado CRM Online hosted solution is available for $9.99 per user per month for the professional edition. To learn more about Surado CRM Online Professional Edition and pricing options, please visit

About Surado

Surado Solutions, Inc., founded in 1995, is headquartered in the University Research Park, Riverside, CA. Surado provides a full spectrum of on-demand and on-premise products and services in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). For more information about Surado’s CRM products and services, please visit

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