Times Telecom Inc. Launches First Free Web Based Canadian Teleconferencing Service

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada (PRESS RELEASE – February 20, 2009) – Times Telecom Inc., a leading global telecommunications provider, today announced that it has launched a new free web-initiated teleconferencing service through its wholly-owned web-initiated conferencing portal, www.freeconferencing.ca. Freeconferencing.ca works just like any other telephone conference whereby the parties you invite can call into a number, enter the conference room number and PIN, and begin conferencing.

Freeconferencing.ca allows you to send out invitations to as many as 30 people you wish to conference with. Freeconferencing.ca will then request the invited parties to call into a phone number and then ask them to enter the given room number and PIN. And voila! Everyone is connected to the conference call. Freeconferencing.ca will also record your calls if you wish, which will also feature play back, download and email forwarding capabilities.

“At the moment, there is no web based free teleconferencing service or product in Canada. Being the first, www.freeconferencing.ca will change the communications landscape. Businesses and individuals will now be able to use free teleconferencing. www.freeconferencing.ca is designed to provide both free teleconferencing via any landline or cellular phone for all kinds of activities such as sales meetings, seminars, educational and PR/IR events; online games; and many more”‘ says Terry Bahar, President of Times Telecom Inc. “The new web economy brings about new business model and revenue streams, allowing us to provide disruptive technologies such as freeconferencing for free”. The www.freeconferencing.ca is in beta version and is expected to be in full service by March 2009.

About Freeconferencing.ca

Freeconferencing.ca was established as the teleconferencing division of Times Telecom Inc.. Its aim is to provide free teleconferencing to the Canadian market. Visit free conferencing on the Web at www.Freeconferencing.ca.

About Times Telecom

Founded in 1996, Times Telecom is a leading Long Distance Service Provider that operates its own state-of-the-art proprietary network across 16 cities in Canada, 2 cities in the United States, 2 cities in Australia and 1 city in Malaysia. Times Telecom also has a nationwide network that provides direct dial service. With offices in the United States, Canada, Australia and Malaysia, Times Telecom provides innovative state-of-the-art solutions that allow its 250,000+ customers to communicate with friends, business associates, and loved ones all over the world while enjoying substantial savings on their long distance charges. Managed by a team of experienced industry experts, Times Telecom is a wholly owned subsidiary of KeyWest Group, a publicly listed corporation with offices in 8 countries and employs in excess of 350 employees. Visit Times Telecom on the Web at www.timestelecom.ca.

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