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Top 30 Most Profitable Small Businesses During 2008

Previously I wrote about the most profitable small businesses during a recession [1].  The information came from Sageworks [2], which aggregates data reported by accountants that use the Sageworks data analysis platform.  The data is from privately held companies, most of which are small businesses.

Several people left comments and emailed me wanting to know some additional businesses that were profitable during what we now know has been a recession since December 2007.  So I went back to Sageworks, and this time have a list of the top 30 most profitable businesses for last year (12/29/2007 – 12/29/2008).

top 30 most profitable small businesses 2008

The number you see next to the description on each line is the government NAICS code [3] (National American Industry Classification).  I looked up some of the codes so that you could see, in plain English, a smattering of the types of small businesses represented.

Surprised by any of these?

Note: for comparison, you might want to look at Scott Shane’s article using U.S. Census data: Are There Recession-proof Small Businesses? [4]