Yugma Announces New Version Of Instant Web Conferencing Service For Skype

Minneapolis, MN (PRESS RELEASE – February 17, 2009) – Yugma, the leading web conferencing service that lets people connect and collaborate instantly using the Internet, announced a new version of their affordable service that allows Skype users to instantly and easily host or attend online meetings, share their desktop and fully collaborate with multiple users.

The new Yugma SE (Skype Edition) Skype Extra desktop sharing and web collaboration module allows users to register and log in to the Yugma instant web conferencing service using their Skype Name. The Skype Certified Yugma SE module, which supports the Windows and Mac versions of Skype, is available for download at the Skype Extras Web site. Additional information about Yugma SE can be found at the Yugma website.

This announcement further strengthens the existing partnership between Yugma and Skype under the Skype Developer Program.

“With our new Yugma SE plug-in, any Skype user can sign on with their Skype Name and enjoy the benefits of Yugma when they need to instantly conference and collaborate with others. Yugma Free allows up to 20 Skype users to simultaneously meet and share desktops online,” said Vas Bhandarkar, Chief Executive Officer of Yugma. “Skype users can also upgrade to the Yugma Pro service and benefit from these robust web conferencing features: full interactive collaboration with whiteboard and annotation tools, mouse and keyboard sharing, the ability to instantly change presenters, a shared file space feature to distribute files between users securely, webcast recording and sharing and an optional Webinar service at attractive prices.”

“Yugma is one of the most popular web conferencing and online collaboration tools available for use with Skype,” said Antoine Bertout, Skype Partner Relations Manager, based in Skype’s London office. “We are delighted that Yugma has enhanced its popular Yugma SE application to support simpler sign-on for our users who can now simply use their existing Skype Name to collaborate online using Skype.”

“The new Yugma SE plug-in brings the benefits of web conferencing and collaboration to millions of Skype users worldwide,” said Vas Bhandarkar. “They can easily enhance their Skype communication experience by instantly using Yugma’s desktop sharing and interactive collaboration tools between multiple users on multiple systems – Windows, Mac or Linux.”

About Yugma, Inc.

Yugma is the leader in affordable instant web conferencing solutions. Yugma provides Free, Professional, and Enterprise web conferencing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises across a diverse range of industries. The core Yugma product technology is a secure, easy-to-use, feature-rich, web conferencing and collaboration software service that allows users to host or attend online meetings using Windows, Mac, or Linux computers at a fraction of the cost of comparable technologies. Yugma technology is scalable from 1-to-1 desktop sharing to conferences for 500+ attendees.

Popular uses of Yugma include hosting webinars, developing and presenting proposals, product demonstrations and sales presentations, enhancing online sales calls, conducting training programs, delivering customer service, holding team meetings and reviews, improving remote support and troubleshooting, facilitating study groups or personal tutoring sessions, hosting virtual clubs or social events, and providing spontaneous collaboration by artists, writers, and designers. ‘Yugma’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘confluence, meeting or state of togetherness’. Yugma, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Minneapolis with offices in Silicon Valley and New Delhi, India.

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