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Imonggo Offers Free Point Of Sales Software

Manila, Philippines (PRESS RELEASE – March 19, 2009) – Imonggo Inc., the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) company to offer a free web-based Point-Of-Sale solution for small retailers, is now opening its Web 2.0 application imonggo.com for the global market. The company, based in Manila with a data center in Missouri USA, also offers the cheapest premium subscription for larger retailers.

With the free Imonggo subscription, a small retailer can easily set-up a retail solution that will take care of the inventory, keep track of the profit, and the selling of products for the store.

With an Imonggo premium subscriptions, meanwhile, a retailer can manage an unlimited number of products and transactions. It also supports SSL (secured socket layer), multiple users, multiple branches, inventory management, customer management, salesman performance tracking, and product tagging.

Aside form the cost, the uniqueness of Imonggo.com is its minimalist user interface. The team behind Imonggo said “the application is so easy that it can be learned in just 3 minutes”.

The simplicity of Imonggo’s interface is demonstrated through a 3-minute video on their site. For retailers, being on top of the business has never been easier. Imonggo presents complex business reports with intuitive formats and colorful graphs, accessible in one or two clicks.

Signing up and activating an Imonggo account is similar to signing up for Gmail or Yahoo account. Since no software installation is required, Imonggo is ready for use immediately.

“Start your business today with Imonggo,” the site’s developers said. “It’s the cheapest and easiest retail solution out there.”

About Imonggo Inc.

Imonggo Inc., is a privately held company based in Manila, Philippines. Imonggo.com is the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) company to offer free Web-based point-of-sales software for the global market. It also offers premium subscription with more features and with support for multi-branch retail operation. Imonggo’s data center is located in Missouri, USA. For more information about Imonggo.com, visit www.imonggo.com.