Jott Networks Introduces Jott For Salesforce

SEATTLE, WA (PRESS RELEASE – March 23, 2009) – Jott Networks today announced the addition of Jott for Salesforce to its expanding line of mobile productivity services. The new service uses Jott’s high-quality voice-to-text technology, and allows sales professionals to make a simple call on any phone to directly input opportunity updates, take quick notes, and set reminders and appointments – all hands-free. Jott is offering a one-month free trial of Jott for Salesforce and it comes with a free subscription to Jott Assistant Pro, Jott’s widely acclaimed mobile productivity tool.

Jott CEO and co-founder John Pollard said, “There are already over a thousand businesses that use Jott’s other services to get more done on the go. These same businesses wanted us to provide integration with more critical business applications and Jott for Salesforce is the first in that line.” He added, “Sales professionals can now use our best-in-class voice-to-text technology to avoid the hassle of cramped and clumsy mobile interfaces and frustratingly slow connection speeds. Sales teams spend more time selling and less time typing reports, and sales managers see greater adoption of Salesforce and receive better, fresher forecast data.” Jott for Salesforce includes the following features:

Features for Sales Professionals

* Update opportunities and accounts – Use your voice to quickly update entire opportunities with a simple flow or individual forecast fields with shortcuts. Data ends up in specific accounts with no cutting, pasting or forwarding required.

* Take quick notes – While they are still fresh, speak quick notes about accounts and opportunities and add tasks to your Salesforce dashboard.

* Schedule appointments and set reminders – Use your voice to book a meeting on your or Outlook calendar, and set reminders so you never forget.

* Get confirmation of everything – Every update you leave comes with a confirmation email/text message so you know for certain that data was entered into your accounts.

Features for Managers

* Set up in minutes – Jott for Salesforce is incredibly easy to set up. There are no desktop or phone downloads, and it requires no changes to your existing Salesforce set-up.

* Scale easily – Jott for Salesforce was built for scale. With nothing to download or maintain, and no new equipment to buy, it easily accommodates individuals or organization-wide rollouts.

* No training necessary – While training is available to help teams get the most out of Jott for Salesforce, only a few simple commands are needed to get started.

Pricing and Availability

Jott for Salesforce is available today from the App Exchange on and from the web site. It takes just a few minutes to set up, and is compatible with all carriers and all mobile phones in the US and Canada. Jott for Salesforce’s pricing is straightforward and affordable at $25 per user per month. For that fee, users can send unlimited updates into Salesforce with no need to worry about overage charges. For more information on Jott Salesforce and other Jott services, please visit

About Jott

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Jott Networks is the world leader in mobile voice-to-text applications. Jott allows individuals and businesses to easily capture thoughts, send emails and text messages, set reminders, organize lists, and post to web services and business applications – all with their voice, using any phone. Jott also converts voicemail into email and text messages, making voicemail a more productive tool. Since its introduction in 2006, Jott has made world-class voice transcription accessible to anyone with a cell phone. For more information on the Jott service, visit

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