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PowerInTheCloud, Inc. Created To Help Companies Grow

Chicago, IL (PRESS RELEASE – March 24, 2009) – A new company, PowerInTheCloud, Inc., has been created to help companies understand, evaluate, select and implement cloud-based application development platforms like Force.com, Quickbase, Zoho, and PerfectForms.

“The current recession is forcing companies to re-think how they do things. Providing an environment for knowledge workers to build their own software solutions to their specific day-to-day challenges is no longer a luxury or an experiment – it is a necessity. Fortunately, the advent of cloud computing and advanced “situational application” platforms are making this feasible,” says Jonathan Sapir, founder and CEO of PowerInTheCloud.

“Our goal is to help organizations understand that these platforms, if implemented effectively, can have a transformational impact on their businesses. But its deployment cannot be approached haphazardly – the organization needs to take a holistic approach to get the most out of them. This includes, for example, implementing an appropriate methodology and support structure.”

PowerInTheCloud, Inc. originates from a web site of the same name that was started just 3 months ago by SilverTree Systems, Inc., as a way to chronicle their search for alternatives to the demise of situational application platform builder Coghead, which was recently acquired by SAP. The site has rapidly grown to include vendor pages, research papers, blogs and user feedback on the platforms they use. The large number of vendors that have recently appeared in this space and the rapidly growing interest in these platforms convinced SilverTree to spin off a new company to focus solely on this market segment.

PowerInTheCloud, Inc. will work primarily with platform vendors to run executive seminars, introductory workshops for managers and analysts, and development concept training for end users.
PowerInTheCloud will also continue to maintain the PowerInTheCloud web site content. It will be updated daily with blogs, research, white papers etc. related to this market segment, and will be supplemented by an upcoming book, “Power in the Cloud: Empowering Today’s Knowledge Worker to Leapfrog Your Competition” which will be available in May, 2009.

Finally, PowerInTheCloud will be hosting and co-sponsoring a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Showdown in June, a one-day competition that pits vendors against one another. “Unlike a TechCrunch 50, or the Web 2.0 Expo Hall where you just get to look at a bunch of disparate products for a few minutes, the Showdown takes all the key players in a single segment and sees them tackle the same problem at exactly the same time. There is no faster – and fairer – way for prospects to get an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each product. It also provides a level playing field for all the smaller players.”

For more information on PowerIntheCloud services, please visit www.PowerInTheCloud.com.

About SilverTree Systems

SilverTree Systems leverages cloud-based application development and delivery platforms to deliver on-demand solutions that are risk-free, affordable and guarantee immediate value. SilverTree also builds extensions for these platforms, including the integration of external desktop, enterprise and cloud data sources and web services. To learn more, visit www.silvertreesystems.com.