Reputation Advocate Debuts “FastTrack” For Online Reputation Defense

Nashville, TN (PRESS RELEASE – March 24, 2009) – Reputation Advocate announces expanded efforts to service online reputation management and defense for businesses and individuals through its FastTrack program. FastTrack will provide specialized solutions to clients with immediate needs to revise current postings.

Steve Wyer, Managing Director, stated that the firm identified a need for a faster response to online reputation attacks. He explained that while there are a number of well-known firms that provide online reputation repair, most of their processes take time to achieve results.

FastTrack was created to focus energy on critical posting activities that would result in the re-indexing of page one search results. “We often see positive movement within days,” said Mr. Wyer.

With the first quarter release of Reputation Advocate’s FastTrack program, the firm will address the increased demand for quick solutions. While there are proven methodologies behind the process, applying immediate human intervention through writing, posting and linking ratchets up the impact of technology.

“Although most people are embarrassed to even seek help at first, the demand is nearly universal,” says Mr. Wyer. “Every situation requires specific tactics based on each client’s goal.” Not everyone has an immediate need, but when one exists the company now provides a solution.

Reputation Advocate has found that not only do medical professionals and attorneys seek help, but also athletes, media personalities, students with hopes of scholarships and people in search of employment. Studies have shown that 77% of employment recruiters utilize search results to learn about potential clients.

Ten years ago most people had never heard of Google. Today there are an estimated 110 million blogs, hundreds of millions of users worldwide and over forty billion pages of content. The ability to join social and business networks, join online communities and post personal pictures and information is proving to be both a positive and a negative.

Research indicates that 80% of online searches never move beyond the first page of results. Many people believe that the first results presented carry the most credibility, and most accept as fact the results of a search without ever validating the content delivered. Search engines have become reputation engines.

On the Internet, people have the freedom to express any point of view, make any claim and attack another anonymously. Google indexes more than 20 billion pages of content every day. One complaint site alone has over 400,000 accusations and complaints, and those injured have almost no ability to defend themselves.

Advisors at Reputation Advocate strategize with people from every walk of life who have had bad information about them posted on blogs, forums and websites. There appears to be no social, economic or geographical boundaries regarding the need for service, and Wyer says the company is poised for aggressive growth.

Reputation Advocate has assembled an experienced pool of talent from a number of information disciplines. While there is no silver bullet to make all negative postings completely disappear, there are solutions. By deliberately forcing content on to the web, creatively impacting search results and implementing both an immediate and long cycle solution, most concerns can be managed. Success can be achieved by working with a professional well versed in reputation defense.

In the current declining economy, job security, client retention, scholarships and employment opportunities all rely heavily on search results. Attention to negative Internet postings is critical. Reputation Advocate’s FastTrack addresses these online reputation management needs with discretion and confidentiality. While false, incorrect, embarrassing, or erroneous information can be uncovered without notice, an immediate action plan is available at Reputation Advocate.

For additional news about the Reputation Advocate FastTrack service, contact Steven Wyer at 888-229-0746, or visit

About Reputation Advocate:

Steve Wyer serves as Managing Director for Reputation Advocate, LLC. The firm focuses on confidential online reputation management for individuals and companies. Services include immediate and long cycle strategies to meet the needs of each client. The company currently operates in North America with additional limited services provided in fifteen foreign countries.


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  1. This looks like an interesting service to check out. I’ve used simple tools like BlogPulse and Google Alerts to try and keep up with my Reputation Management efforts, but this tool might be worth a deeper look.

  2. I used a service similar to Reputation Advocate and that company didn’t move my Rip Off Report even one position! $3500 down the drain. I will probably give Reputation Advocate a try and see if Reputation Advocate can help me. Hopefully Reputation Advocate can!

  3. Thanks for posting this article about Reputation Advocate. I’ve heard about companies like Reputation Advocate but until my brother got hit with a rip off report it didn’t seem relevant. I’m going to forward this to him, & suggest he call Reputation Advocate.

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