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South Orange, N.J. (PRESS RELEASE – March 17, 2009) – ShareMethods today announced the release of ShareSpacesTM, the latest addition to the company’s flagship on-demand collaborative document management service. ShareSpaces are private, interactive workspaces for creating, managing and sharing content and files with individuals and partners throughout an organization’s ecosystem in a controlled and secure environment.

Today it is more important than ever for companies to flexibly and securely work together across organizational boundaries. With globally distributed clients as well as remote salespeople, vendors and partners, being able to share and manage sales and marketing collateral, contracts and customer documents is of utmost importance. However, most document management solutions do not offer the customization, flexibility and security required for true document collaboration.

ShareSpaces enable companies to connect everyone in the sales and marketing value chain – prospects, customers, salespeople, partners, and marketing and advertising teams – into social workspaces where they can collaborate and close more deals, faster. ShareSpaces’ three-step wizard makes it easy to set up fully brand-specific ShareSpaces by creating document categories and inviting users with defined roles for collaboration. Content can be easily copied and distributed between ShareSpaces, allowing companies and partners to create hierarchical and interconnected networks of social workspaces. ShareSpaces also include support for document versioning, workflow, and community features such as rating, reviews, and tagging.

“Collaboration across internal teams and external organizations must be as easy as possible or people may not have the information they need at the right time and opt out of collaboration,” said Mark Levitt, VP for Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 Strategies at IDC. “ShareSpaces are designed to let organizations create document collaboration networks that are simpler, more flexible and customizable for users.”

ShareSpaces take business collaboration to the next level for many different and important use cases. Some key applications include:

* Business Partner ShareSpace: Interact with partners and resellers including exchange of sales, marketing, and product documents to support sales activities and to maximize revenue from partner sales.

* Customer Opportunity ShareSpace: Share a variety of sales materials with new business prospects and key customers including proposals, pricing, spec sheets, and more.

* Sales Contract ShareSpace: Work with sales prospects and external legal counsel on contracts, allowing the creation, modification and contract signing to all occur within the ShareSpace.

* Ad Agency ShareSpace: Collaborate with ad agencies and design firms on the creation and approval of new branding images and ad creative.

“Having global office locations, business partners and vendors makes it essential to enable specific individuals or groups to collaborate, share, and manage content in a secure and controlled online environment. ShareMethods has always provided flexible online solutions to improve productivity and strengthen our relationships with outside vendors,” said Pav Mahal, CEO of GeoSpa Fitness, a distributor of spa & fitness equipment. “Now, ShareSpaces’ simple, flexible and intuitive interface will significantly decrease the time and cost associated with our work across geographies and time zones for our partner ecosystem.”

ShareSpaces work in association with ShareMethods’ flagship collaborative document management technology, and are fully integrated with and Oracle CRM On-Demand. ShareSpaces are also integrated with EchoSign, the leading e-contract service, so that any document in a ShareSpace can be automated for electronic signature. The ShareSpaces application will be publicly available this month, and is coming soon in the AppExchange. Companies can create an unlimited number of ShareSpaces and they are variably priced based on per user, per month usage.

“Content and document sharing is an essential aspect of most business processes, and ShareMethods’ mission is to make that function as integrated and efficient as possible no matter who is involved or where they happen to be located,” said Eric Hoffert, co-founder and CEO of ShareMethods. “ShareSpaces uniquely blend social content sharing with enterprise management to enable an online environment where organizations can break down business boundaries, powering more seamless collaboration, and ultimately, grow revenue by getting projects and deals done faster.”

About ShareMethods

ShareMethods aligns sales and marketing through on-demand collaborative document management for small and medium sized businesses. From anywhere, anytime, salespeople, sales partners and marketing can access the most up-to-date sales collateral and customer documents to help them close more deals, faster. ShareMethods enables easy document creation, management and sharing within and outside a company via a simple, flexible and secure user interface. ShareMethods is available as a cost-effective SaaS application integrated seamlessly with and Oracle CRM OnDemand. designated ShareMethods as an AppExchange Essential and as a Select Partner. ShareMethods’ customers include BusinessWeek, Evolution Benefits and JMJ Associates with thousands of subscribers in more than 40 countries. ShareMethods is a privately held company based in South Orange, New Jersey. ShareMethods = Working Together. Smarter.

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