SMS Media Group Announces Small Business Text Messaging

Aliso Viejo, CA (PRESS RELEASE – March 13, 2009) – SMS Media Group, a leader in text messaging solutions, today announced the release of its SMSdelivery SMB edition specifically for small businesses. The new SMB edition provides businesses with a turnkey, affordable, and immediate go-to-market solution for sending text messages to customers or employees using a simple, web-based environment.

SMSdelivery allows businesses to create, deliver, and track text message campaigns. It helps companies leverage existing list management, subscriber profiling, and message delivery tools that include scheduling, targeting, and reporting of SMS messages.

SMS is quick, easy to use, and works with all cell phones. According to a recent Nielsen report, SMS communications has now surpassed voice communications with the typical U.S. mobile subscriber sending 357 text messages per month compared to 204 voice phone calls.

SMS provides a way for small business owners to reward and retain their best customers. They can provide special offers, discounts, event invitations, news or other information. Retail stores and restaurants can use SMS to send coupons and sale announcements; a salon or doctors office can send appointment reminders; and a contractor can send communications to employees while they’re out in the field.

“Text messaging campaigns are no longer just for the big guys,” says Sheri Wells, CEO and co-founder of SMS Media Group. “As innovators in the space, we are changing the way SMS messaging is being deployed… reducing start-up costs and time to market so small businesses can launch SMS programs that look as good as a major brand,” says Wells.

A company can activate an account on and on the same day, have text messaging integrated into their business and send text messages through the online interface. In addition to the new SMB platform, SMSdelivery comes in FREE and PRO versions.

About SMS Media Group

Founded in 2002, SMS Media Group (SMSMG) is a leading mobile media company that specializes in permission-based SMS communications to cell phones. SMSMG’s web-based mobile messaging solution, SMSdelivery, is a Web 2.0 platform designed to let any size business send mobile communications. The company has also developed a unique advertising network called Cell Phone Ads that places tagline advertisements onto text messaging content. Customers include small, medium, and large businesses worldwide.

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