Social Media Connection Broadcast Network Launches

Nashville, Tenn. (PRESS RELEASE – March 17, 2009) – Officials with Social Media Connection Broadcast Network (SMCBN/SMC) announce the Internet-based news channel is now live online. SMC broadcasts original content that is specific to the discussion of social media’s impact on modern businesses and lives.

“Social Media is a real and growing issue for the business world,” explains renowned Social Media Strategist, author and SMCBN co-founder Jay Deragon. “We created Social Media Connection Broadcast Network with the goal of using video news programs to inform, educate and equip viewers to navigate the world of social media successfully. Our content is timely, relevant and immediately applicable for our viewers.”

Deragon himself is hosting a show, “The Relationship Economy,” on SMCBN. Other shows in the network’s original line-up are

* The David Cooper Show
* The Integrated Alliances Show with Mike O’Neil
* The David Bullock Show
* for Business with Sherman Mohr
* The Human Capital Connection with Dan Ryan
* Small Biz Big Time with Irene Williams

Details on programs and show hosts are available online at; additional press materials for each show and host will be released in the days to come. Deragon describes the range of programming as “ideal for business owners who are wondering how to use social media effectively.”

The forming of the network itself is a testament to social media’s application to business. Many of the SMCBN hosts come to the network with well-established followings on social networks, as well as through their blogs and other career endeavors.

“We expect to reach hundreds of thousands of interested viewers in a matter of months and millions by the end of the year, thanks to our team’s existing social media followings. Suffice to say, we know of what we speak,” Deragon emphasizes.

He also reiterates that SMC is solely Internet-based.

“We believe SMCBN represents the future of media, as Internet-based broadcasting reaches viewers without limit–and without cost–while allowing for very specific content offerings,” he explains. “We offer news without borders, and we can respond nimbly as stories develop. We believe our great programing and supporting content, as well as our business model, propel us in the market.”

In addition to the full battery of video news programming, the SMC site offers supplemental content and materials in the form of blogs, case studies, downloadable resources, comments and discussions. There is also an online store, through which viewers may purchase items and services.

Initially, SMCBN will air recorded interviews and content. In the near future, network officials plan to offer live streaming video, as well as on-demand and private webinars on a pay-for-participation basis.

Deragon summarizes, “We are focused on the power of social media, not only in terms of our content and programming, but in how we run this network and build our businesses. We’re truly about making the connection to social media for our viewers.” For more information, visit

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