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Virtual Assistants Are Now More Affordable For Small Businesses

Ouray, Colorado (PRESS RELEASE – March 3, 2009) – The use of virtual assistants by small and home-based businesses has received a great deal of attention in the news in recent years. In June 2008, Bridge Consulting released survey findings showing that 50% of survey respondents claim that 25% of their workforce consists of virtual employees and 25% of respondents have up to 50% of their workforce working from virtual locations. The popularity of virtual work can be summed up in one word: benefits. Both employers and employees polled about virtual work often speak of the convenience, flexibility, and financial benefits of remote work. The glowing media reports have many small businesses vying to replace their bricks-and-mortar staff with virtual assistants in order to save as much as 50% on office expenses in this uncertain economy.

Team Double-Click® has just launched its new Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program for small businesses who want to work with quality virtual assistants but don’t want the ongoing agency fees.

The new Team Double-Click® Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program, slated to begin Tuesday, March 3rd offers small businesses the option to pay a flat, one-time fee in exchange for a virtual assistant who:

* Has completed Team Double-Click’s stringent virtual assistant interview process; and
* Has completed Team Double-Click’s stringent virtual assistant testing process; and
* Has completed Team Double-Click’s training process; and
* Has received the Team Double-Click® stamp of approval.

Once the virtual assistant and client match is made Team Double-Click® steps out of the equation allowing virtual assistant and client to work directly together. This unique program will offer small business owners a virtually unprecedented advantage over attempting to locate qualified virtual assistants on their own. With over 115,000,000 matches found for virtual assistants when searching the internet, locating a quality virtual assistant on one’s own can be an extremely daunting task. With the new Team Double-Click® Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program, small businesses are assured of receiving the best virtual assistant without all the legwork.

Already, the Team Double-Click® Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program has received considerable attention. One feature of the program that has garnered special interest is the ability of small businesses to save as much as 50% off hourly rates by taking advantage of the one-time fee Direct Placement option. Under the Team Double-Click® Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program, small businesses will pay a one-time fee of $495.00 in order to work with a tested, interviewed, and expertly matched virtual assistant who fits their business’ needs.

It’s not just about the green that Team Double-Click® Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program clients can save. Team Double-Click® has designed its Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program to also help more small businesses hire virtual assistant. By hiring virtual assistants, small businesses can help reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas that has been linked to climate change and air pollution. According to Undress4Success.com, an education resource about work-at-home job opportunities, Team Double-Click® virtual assistants save a total of 787,349 pounds of CO2 and 40,000 gallons of gasoline each year by working from home and skipping the commute. This not only allows virtual assistants from Team Double-Click® to save on gas and car costs, but the savings mean le! ss harm to the environment as well. Team Double-Click® hopes that the new Team Double-Click® Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program will mean even more gas and emissions savings.

To find out more information about how to hire a Team Double-Click® virtual assistant through its new Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program, visit http://www.teamdoubleclick.com/virtualassistantdirectplacement.html or call 888.827.9129.

About Team Double-Click®

Established in 2000, Team Double-Click®, the nation’s original virtual staffing agency, has grown into the country’s largest virtual staffing firm. Team Double-Click® offers virtual assistant services that range from general administrative, reception, internet marketing, cold calling, sales and marketing, human resources, and finance, to real estate transaction coordination. The company takes care of the screening, managing, and payment of virtual assistants and carefully monitors the relationship between client and virtual assistant to ensure maximum value for businesses. Team Double-Click® combines unparalleled staffing expertise with a dedication to improve clients’ and virtual assistants’ businesses and profits. Team Double-Click® is currently the only virtual staffing firm to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

For more information on how a virtual assistant can help you save time and money in your business, visit http://www.teamdoubleclick.com/services.html.


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  2. There are a number of services a Virtual Assistant can offer. Increasing client time by delegating the daily operational tasks of your business to the right professional equates to increased revenue. I even have my own Virtual Assistant and my clients thank me for it.

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