VOSI.biz Launches A New Version Of Offsite Backup Software

(PRESS RELEASE – Mar. 15, 2009) – VOSI.biz, the leading cloud-based Virtual Office, Virtual Server and Virtual IT service provider announced a newer version of VOSI.biz Online Backup 1.2, the flagship product for secure and automatic online file backup.

A lot of small businesses have used USB drives for data backup, other companies have used in-house tape backup solution. Neither solution is secure. In case of virus, hacking, fire, major natural disasters, etc. your business data could be lost. Instead of going for very expensive offsite backup solution, VOSI.biz Online Backup offers a low-cost and highly-efficient backup solution. It stores backup data at VOSI.biz’s state-of-the-art colocation facility, delivers secure, reliable and cost-effective offsite backup solution for companies with important business data. Setup in one minute and your data is safe from major disasters.

VOSI.biz Online Backup is available for download at http://www.vosi.biz/Downloads/DownloadOnlineBackup.aspx. The application is very easy-to-use, small businesses can easily setup the software and service. Once setup, the software runs in the background. It can backup your data in real-time or at scheduled times; it can backup PCs, laptops and servers; it can automatically backup your data even if you are not logged on your computer. Users can install VOSI.biz Online Backup on any number of PCs for no additional charge.

VOSI.biz Online Backup 1.2 has made some improvements on the system performance and is now extremely reliable. It has also added more features. The main features include:

– Scheduled backup that runs on daily or weekly basis
– Real-time backup, backup files as changes occur
– Incremental backup, never uploads the same files again
– Backup any number of computers with one account or multiple sub-accounts
– Easy and reliable file restore, through the website or client software
– SSL/HTTPS data transfer, plus more secure data encryption (backup with data encryption)
– Supports file versioning
– Backup status notification: can automatically send a status notification email after a backup task finishes or encountered an error
– Can backup servers, running as a Windows service process, no user logon is required to perform backup
– Can backup removable disks and network folders.

About VOSI.biz

Based in Lewes, Delaware, USA, VOSI.biz (www.vosi.biz) is the leading company offering a complete cloud-based “Basic IT System” Service. Our products and services include Remote File Server, Email Server, Offsite Data Backup, FTP Server & Web Server, Online Storage, Sharing & Collaboration, etc. Almost all businesses need such a “Basic IT System”. VOSI.biz service can save 90% of cost on IT systems for small businesses. For more info or sales, please visit: http://www.vosi.biz/

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