VOSI.biz Launches Email And Address Book Backup Software

(PRESS RELEASE – March 25, 2009) – VOSI.biz, the leading cloud-based Virtual Office, Virtual Server and Virtual IT service provider announced innovative Email Backup software – VOSI.biz Email Backup 1.2, the flagship product for highly efficient and reliable email and address book backup.

Backing up Microsoft Outlook .PST files was never an easy task. Usually Outlook is always running, thus the .pst files are always locked. The .pst files can also change at anytime due to arrival of new emails. Online backup of Outlook .pst files are even more challenging. Usually .pst files are very huge, uploading / downloading such a huge file could take a very long time. During the time, the network could be un-plugged, computer might be shut-down. This could cause the backup task to fail.

Unlike other Email Backup software, VOSI.biz Email Backup can manage your emails like files, drag-&-drop or automatically backup your Outlook / Outlook Express / Windows Mail in real-time or scheduled times. It never needs to upload huge .pst files. VOSI.biz Email Backup is designed to be very similar to VOSI.biz File Explorer, which has been downloaded by a lot of users. The default dual-pane interface allows users to easily drag & drop emails / mail-boxes from their local PC to VOSI.biz online email system. Users can change the interface to only show local emails or VOSI.biz emails.

VOSI.biz Email Backup is available for download at http://www.vosi.biz/Downloads/DownloadEmailBackup.aspx. The application is very easy-to-use, once setup, you can drag and drop, or automatically backup your emails. Users can install VOSI.biz Email Backup on any number of PCs for no additional charge.

VOSI.biz Email Backup 1.2 has the following main features:

– It can backup and restore emails one by one. Almost all other email backup software can only backup / restore Outlook .pst files, you cannot backup / restore a single email(s). Because .pst files are very large and locked most of the time, it takes a long time to backup or restore your emails; if backup fails in the middle, you might have to start all over again.

– Drag and drop email backup: with VOSI.biz Email Backup, you can easily / manually backup your emails using drag and drop.

– Real-time or scheduled backup tasks: automatically backup your emails even when Outlook is running!

– Because VOSI.biz Email Backup can backup emails one-by-one, and it can automatically resume interrupted uploads / downloads, it is extremely reliable and efficient.

– Backed-up emails can be accessed from anywhere using VOSI.biz webmail.

– You can migrate / transfer your emails from one computer to another computer.

About VOSI.biz

Based in Lewes, Delaware, USA, VOSI.biz is the leading company offering a complete cloud-based “Basic IT System” Service. Our products and services include Remote File Server, Email Server, Offsite Data Backup, FTP Server & Web Server, Online Storage, Sharing & Collaboration, etc. Almost all businesses need such a “Basic IT System”. VOSI.biz service can save 90% of cost on IT systems for small businesses. For more info or sales, please visit: http://www.vosi.biz/

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