YouNoodle Creates Global Startup Tracking System

SAN FRANCISCO (PRESS RELEASE – Feb. 19, 2009) – YouNoodle, the online platform for the global entrepreneurial community, has made public the largest-ever dynamic directory of active startup companies, compiled from its own proprietary tracking technology, rapidly-growing community, and several leading startup data partners.

Available to the public on YouNoodle’s Web site, the global directory of startups — which currently includes more than 25,000 companies and pulls in over 150,000 startup news stories every day — allows business owners, customers and investors to measure and track both the progress and news stories associated with any startup online. A YouNoodle Score has been given to every startup — a quantitative measurement, on a scale of 0 to 100, of a startup’s impact and importance based on its traction, activity, and buzz. YouNoodle Scores are updated in real time and the three-month trend for each company is available.

“This is the first time there’s been a scoring system for startups that has been calculated based on such an incredibly rich data set,” says Dr. Sean Gourley, Director of Data Tools at YouNoodle, who led the development of the mathematical algorithm behind the YouNoodle Score. “There is a large and complex stream of information about startups which we’ve spent the last 12 months categorizing and structuring — using the latest techniques from the fields of network theory and probabilistic modelling. This is the world’s largest real-time startup index — opening the window to the world’s most innovative companies and making information surrounding them available to all.”

Startups, investors and journalists can use startup pages and YouNoodle Scores to keep track of a company’s impact relative to other startups and see who is talking about the company online. Prestigious third-parties have also taken notice, with media properties such as Wired, the Daily Telegraph in the U.K., and Venturebeat already using the scores on their sites to highlight interesting and high-potential startups — and exposing them to over a million people every month.

YouNoodle draws data from partners including CrunchBase (the largest public wiki of technology company information) and AngelSoft (a platform for angel investment groups). YouNoodle is also able to utilize the unique information contained within its own community (through which company owners can add their own startups) and proprietary tracking system, which draws from thousands of media, blog, and social networks to find and track companies within the startup ecosystem.

“For the first time, the business community has a single, definitive source where it can monitor the valuable impact that any startup is having on technology, industry and culture,” says Bob Goodson, CEO and co-founder of YouNoodle. “Through YouNoodle and its partners our scores are being viewed by over a million people per month. With the release of YouNoodle Scores we’ve taken a big step towards opening up the critical information needed to dramatically improve resource allocation to high-potential companies. This movement is vital for the global economy, where small differences in the startup industry can have a disproportionately large effect on economic growth and output.”

The online directory and YouNoodle Scores complement the suite of tools YouNoodle is developing to nurture the startup community and help private companies succeed. In August 2008, YouNoodle announced the release of the Startup Predictor, a sophisticated evaluation tool that gauges the feasibility and promise of a company’s future based on data provided by entrepreneurs or company management. The free online tool estimates a company’s dollar value in the next three years.

Business owners and media can register for a free account at to begin using the online directory, and can learn more about YouNoodle Scores at YouNoodle’s own startup page (and current score) can be found here:

About YouNoodle

YouNoodle is dedicated to accelerating innovation by collecting and organizing the world’s startup information. The company provides an online platform for entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, and others devoted to the startup ecosystem; encompassing 150,000 members, 27,000 startups and 250 of the world’s leading entrepreneurship clubs and business plan competitions.

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