Chaordix Latest Edition Delivers Enterprise-Strength Crowdsourcing

CALGARY, Alberta (PRESS RELEASE – April 21, 2009) – Just when tough market conditions mandate that businesses get closer to their customers to ensure market relevance, Cambrian House is releasing its latest edition of the Chaordix(TM) crowdsourcing platform to equip enterprises for open innovation. Luminaries like Don Tapscott have deemed crowdsourcing a prerequisite of modern business, and Chaordix helps companies gain competitive advantage by harnessing input from crowds including employees, partners, consumers and the public.

Chaordix helps organizations to apply crowdsourcing for market prediction, product or business innovation, research and discovery and brand collaboration. With enhanced behavior prediction, incentive and analytic features, Chaordix remains the most comprehensive and flexible open innovation product on the market, capable of multiple crowdsourcing methods, sophisticated in anti-biasing, scalable to large crowds, and simple to follow crowdsource management dashboard.

“Corporations are going through a fundamental change in the way they innovate and interact with the rest of the world,” explained Don Tapscott, bestselling author of Growing Up Digital and Wikinomics. “What’s powering this change is web technologies like Chaordix which make crowdsourcing ripe for adoption by organizations that intend to lead.”

“Seeking insight from crowds isn’t new. Companies like Starbucks, Dell, and even President Obama are reaching out to invite ideas and predict the desires of its audiences,” comments Shelley Kuipers, Cambrian House President & CEO. “Chaordix makes open innovation possible for almost any organization. To make it a rewarding shift, companies need the right technology and the know-how to meaningfully interact with the crowd.”

With their extensive first-hand crowdsourcing experience, Cambrian House is recognized as uniquely capable of advising companies on how to gain the biggest business return on making the shift to open innovation. From crafting the right call for contribution, selecting the right crowdsourcing model, selecting the right incentives, through to achieving a meaningful brand and community experience, the Cambrian House team provides deep thought leadership.

About Chaordix

Chaordix makes it simple to seek and interpret input from customers, employees and other partners. Delivered in a software-as-a-service model, the Chaordix crowdsourcing platform(TM) taps crowds for the business intelligence to innovate, improve operations, and reduce the risks of competing in the marketplace. The name reflects the fusion of chaos and order inherent in distilling wisdom from a multitude of voices. Find out more about us at

About Cambrian House

Launched in 2006, Cambrian House began as a crowdsourcing community using a wisdom of crowds based approach to discover new business and technology ideas. Today, Cambrian House equips other enterprises to adopt open innovation using its Chaordix(TM) crowdsourcing platform(TM). For more information, please visit us at

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