CorasWorks Delivers “Power of Two” For Solutions on SharePoint

Reston, VA (PRESS RELEASE – April 29, 2009) – CorasWorks Corporation, a leading provider of software that makes it easier to develop applications on Microsoft SharePoint, today released version 10.1 of the CorasWorks Workplace Suite and version 1.4 of the Data Integration Toolset. These releases reflect a tighter integration between the two products, which now provides unparalleled flexibility and power to those wanting to build applications on SharePoint.

The Workplace Suite and Data Integration Toolset are part of the CorasWorks Modular Application Development System, an application development system that has been deployed in more than 1,000 enterprises worldwide. The combination of these two tools enables organizations to design, build and manage applications in SharePoint without the costs and complexity of custom code development.

“We are excited to be able to provide SharePoint users with the combined power of the Workplace Suite version 10.1 and the Data Integration Toolset version 1.4. The enhanced integration of these two powerful products enables organizations to gain maximum business value from their SharePoint investments, providing the ability to easily and cost effectively evolve from simple applications to more complex environments,” said Gary Voight, CEO of CorasWorks.

The integration of the Workplace Suite version 10.1 and the Data Integration Toolset version 1.4 further unifies the feature set of the products and delivers an integrated system on SharePoint that supports the development of applications and the ongoing evolution of those applications to meet specific user needs. The seamless “application evolution” supported by the system includes:

* Building base applications in SharePoint that leverage SharePoint data
* Distributing the functionality of those base applications across your SharePoint work environment
* Viewing and using external data in the base application
* Mashing up data from SharePoint and external data sources, applications, and services
* Reading/writing to the external data
* Exposing the application to third-parties through a portal or extranet environment
* Integrating multiple applications into a single work environment on SharePoint
* Managing all applications through central configuration and an integrated approach to application lifecycle management.

Visit for more information on the “Power of 2.”

About CorasWorks:

With more than 1,000 customers and more than 1 million users worldwide, CorasWorks is a leading provider of modular application development software for Microsoft SharePoint. Customers use CorasWorks products to build web-based solutions such as project- and process-oriented solutions and line of business applications. Its modular architecture makes it easy to design, build, and manage an integrated workplace of collaborative business applications, without the time and expense of custom development. For more information and online demos, please visit

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