Expressway Video Releases Flexchat

Toronto, ON (PRESS RELEASE – April 24, 2009) – Expressway Video, a provider of streaming media hosting, releases the Flexchat. Flexchat is a video, audio and real time text conferencing software for new or existing internet businesses.

“The Flexchat is for entrepreneurs who want to offer conferencing services on their website,” said owner, Adam Hunter. “License holders will make money either by selling conferencing services, or by offering free conferencing services to draw internet traffic. Conferencing services can also be advertiser supported since the Flexchat has a feature that broadcasts ads directly into the text window of the user interface.”

A Flexchat environment can be used for online meetings, webinars and social chat. It provides the benefits of face-to-face meetings, without the time and expense of traveling out of the office. It’s ideal for e-learning, online dating, and businesses selling online conferencing services.

The Flexchat can accommodate small to large groups of simultaneous users. Users can choose who they want to broadcast their video and audio to. They can also choose who they want to hear and see. Users can toggle between different chat rooms, and create private chats with other guests. Each user can create his or her personal profile that can be broadcast to the entire group, or just friends.

The Flexchat also includes an administration panel that will allow the licensee to control the Flexchat. The administration panel is where new chatgroups are created and user access assigned.

A comprehensive list of Flexchat Features can be found at:

Flexchat is server-based software that works with existing web browsers and the Flash player, which means that guests do not need to download or install anything on their desktop in order to use the software. A demo version of Flexchat, as well as pricing information can be found at:

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