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GILBERT, AZ (PRESS RELEASE – April 1, 2009) – Infusionsoft, the leader in marketing automation software for growth-oriented entrepreneurs and small businesses, today announced their commitment to helping companies achieve outstanding email deliverability and email reputation. Because email deliverability plays a key role in business owners’ abilities to build a relationship and follow up with customers and prospects, Infusionsoft is educating their own customers and prospects through a mini course and an upcoming Webinar designed to teach email best practices and strategies for building a strong email reputation.

Infusionsoft will be hosting a free Webinar on email deliverability on Wednesday, April 22 at 4 p.m. EDT. Registration is available at

“Email deliverability is crucial when you have an important message to get out, and there’s not a lot of clarity in the small business community around why some emails don’t get through,” said Mark Chesley, VP of Development and Technology at Infusionsoft. “The methods used to determine deliverability have evolved over time, so we’ve decided to make email deliverability education a top priority for Infusionsoft. We’ve started a proactive education program for our fellow small businesses designed to help them boost their email deliverability rate, since we know first hand that great success depends on great communication with customers and prospects.”

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of resources that explain what drives email deliverability. Infusionsoft’s first step in educating small businesses is to let them know that what drives email deliverability is their ‘sending reputation,’ and that reputation is all about the relationship they build with their Internet Service Provider (ISP). On a high-level, that reputation is based on five very concrete data points that each ISP considers when assessing the email sent through their system: volume, complaint rates, “hard bounce” rates, spam trap hits, and authentication. More educational materials about the specifics of each of these factors, as well as other tips and tricks, are available online at Infusionsoft’s Email Resource Center.

The Email Resource Center is available to all, and topics include:

— How to write an effective email subject line
— Creating a great subscriber experience
— Who’s responsible for your Email Deliverability
— SPAM complaint boundaries, thresholds and enforcement
— Keeping email content clean
— Infusionsoft’s Acceptable Use Policy

“We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and believe that effective and responsible email marketing is the best way to double or triple sales,” said Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft. “The CAN-SPAM Act and other email deliverability issues can be confusing, so we’ve pulled together basic information as well as tips, tricks and best practices that will help anyone understand how they can boost their email deliverability rates to connect with customers and prospects. We’re also committed to protecting the reputation of our customers, so we’ve implemented a strong three-strikes policy when it comes to our own acceptable use guidelines.”

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