Logo Design Guru Launches LogoSnap.com

(PRESS RELEASE – April 14, 2009) – Logo Design Guru, an online provider of custom branding for small businesses, has launched LogoSnap.com, a new “Do it Yourself” branding website. LogoSnap.com promises to reduce the investment in a logo to only $39, and decrease your designing time down to minutes. To celebrate the website’s launch, LogoSnap.com is offering logos for only $1 from April 20th through April 27th, 2009.

LogoSnap.com solves a major marketing challenge by providing a low cost solution that new business owners face when starting their company. By investing less in designing a logo, new businesses can now spend more on acquiring new customers.

“We felt that there was a huge market of start-up companies that really needed a logo, but just didn’t have the time or money to invest in a brand. I cringe every time I see an ad without a professional logo. New business owners often make the tough decision to forgo investing in a logo so they can focus on client acquisition. Now, they can do both,” says Joe Witte, Executive Vice President of Logo Design Guru.

LogoSnap.com boasts 48 different industries with over 5000 icons to choose from, along with hundreds of colors and fonts to give each user the ability to create a completely custom logo.

“We wanted the logo creation process to be simple. Our customers can simply choose the icon that fits them best, pick the colors and fonts, and even share their concepts with friends by using our proprietary Logo Locker,” says J.Z. Shah, Director of Technology of LogoSnap.com.

“What’s great about LogoSnap.com is that it gives the customer a lot of options. It is a quick, easy to use website and it only took about 10 minutes to piece together my thoughts and ideas that created my final product,” said Jamie Roark, a LogoSnap.com user and founder of the Southwest Virginia Business Guild.

About Logo Design Guru

Logo Design Guru is a leading provider of logo design and web design services. Logo Design Guru was formed in 2003 and is based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

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