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Outright.com Teams Up With oDesk.com

Campbell, CA and Menlo Park, CA (PRESS RELEASE – April 1, 2009) – In a move that will help millions of self employed professionals improve their businesses, Outright.com has joined forces with oDesk.com, pairing the only free bookkeeping site designed specifically for the self employed with the marketplace for online workteams. With the shared goal of simplifying working for yourself, the collaboration of the two sites strengthens their common mission of making business easier for the roughly 20 million independent contractors in the U.S. workforce today.

oDesk.com’s approximately 220,000 professional providers will now be able to easily access Outright.com’s simple, web-hosted bookkeeping software from anywhere at any time, saving them the headache of inputting all of their transactions. The new move enables payments to oDesk providers to be imported directly into Outright.com, giving those professionals an easy way to see how much they’ve earned, write off business expenses, calculate and pay their estimated taxes on time. The partnership is another example of how leading web services are cooperating to empower the self-employed, giving them easy access to their data in ways that save both time and money.

“Outright’s goal is to make life easier for the self-employed and reduce the burdens that small businesses face in today’s tough economy,” says Kevin Reeth, CEO and Co-founder of Outright.com. “oDesk is the marketplace solution for hundreds of thousands of contract professionals and now we are able to help these hard workers focus more on earning a living and less on keeping the books.”

“oDesk has always helped busy service providers build lucrative, long-term work relationships and avoid the hassles that take time away from providing top notch service. With Outright, current and future oDesk providers will get the most out of their earnings and tax deductions without doing any number-crunching,” offered Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk.

ABOUT Outright.com

Outright.com (www.outright.com) is the only incredibly simple, web-hosted bookkeeping software specifically created for the 20 million Americans who work for themselves. Outright offers a streamlined, online solution, with the bookkeeping needs of the small business owners first in our minds. Created by co-founders Kevin Reeth and Ben Curren, both Intuit alums, with well over twenty years of experience combined, Outright’s goal is to keep it as simple as possible, while helping entrepreneurs track all of their income and expenses to get their taxes done accurately. And yes, it works on a Mac too.


oDesk (www.oDesk.com) is the marketplace for online workteams with the best business model for both buyers and providers:

For buyers: guaranteed work – every hour billed is an hour worked. Screen captures of each provider’s desktop taken at random intervals enable buyers to audit the hours and work completed so they have confidence that every hour billed by a remote team member is an hour worked. This capability also enables the buyer to collaborate more closely and re-direct the provider if necessary, much like you do when you manage by walking around the office.

For providers: guaranteed payment – every hour worked is an hour paid, without the hassle of invoicing or slow-paying clients, making oDesk the preferred marketplace for 220,000 professional contractors including software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, writers, researchers, admins, and customer service agents.