Qvinci Software Launches Free Version: Qvinci Basic

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San Marcos, TX (PRESS RELEASE – March 9, 2009) – QvinciTM software now offers a free download of their software called QvinciTM Basic. This version offers the basic capabilities seen in the rest of the QvinciTM Suite at no cost and allows QuickBooks® users to see their own data running in QvinciTM.

Charles Nagel, CEO of QvinciTM Software, released this statement: “Qvinci Basic gives the business user insight into how easy it is to understand the health of their business. This is a ‘no cost’ way to start looking at QuickBooks® company data graphically and test drive Qvinci. Qvinci Basic never expires giving the user unlimited use of this version. Especially in these economic times, instant and accessible insight into your company’s health is essential. Qvinci Basic puts you on the road to success.”

Features and Benefits of QvinciTM Basic:

– Free download

– See the following reports graphically and in real-time:
o Current, Last Month, and Year To Date P&L
o Top 10 Customers
o Acid Test Ratio
o Aging Report for the Last 12 Months

– Customizable colors, titles, legends, etc.

– Introduction to the powerful tools available in the QvinciTM Suite.

The Basic version has more limited capabilities than the other QvinciTM products which are sold on a subscription basis from $9.99 to $29.99 per month. Each version offers increasing functionality up to QvinciTM Pro which includes aggregating and displaying Excel® data, Proforma, Early Warning Indicators, Drill Down, Various Ratios, Cost of a Mistake Calculator, and many more powerful tools.

Please visit the Products Page to learn about the different capabilities of each version and which one best suites your business needs.

QvinciTM Software is a QuickBooks® Silver Developer

Visit http://www.qvinci.com for more information and to see videos of the program actually running.

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