ValuSource Introduces Web Version Of IBA Market Data And BIZCOMPS

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (PRESS RELEASE – April 18, 2009) – ValuSource Software, the leader in intelligent business valuation software, today announced two new online products. In addition to a web-accessible BIZCOMPS version, ValuSource is offering the complete set of IBA Market Data business comparables.

“The IBA market data database, now available over the Web, gives valuation experts instant access to the deepest, richest set of business comparables available on privately held businesses, said David Fein, ValuSource CEO. “BIZCOMPS has for years built a reputation as a leader in small business market data. But today is the first time BIZCOMPS is offered as a Web application from ValuSource and with the Excel based analyzer tool, BIZCOMPS® is now more useful than ever.”

A built-in intelligent analyzer is provided by ValuSource and integrated with each program. The analyzer dramatically differentiates these ValuSource databases from all other comparable transaction data sources available today. Valuators no longer need to sort through a database manually, picking out comparables with a “hunt-and-peck” method. Valuators instead use the ValuSource analyzer tool to quickly locate the transactions that are relevant and then review the automatically generated analysis including statistics, charts and histograms.

Valuators start by gathering and sorting market data by entering simple search criteria. Once a set of transactions is selected, the magic of the analyzer really kicks in. Transactions can be easily sorted, and filters can be set up for min and max revenue, SDE, Price, P/R, P/SDE, and dates. The analyzer contains tools to make it easy to select/de select records based on sorts and filters, which significantly reduces the time it takes to select records. Once records are selected, the analyzer will generate complex, detailed statistical analysis on the entire range (e.g., the high, low, mean, median, Standard Deviation). Valuators can even calculate according to multiple variables. Better still, the ValuSource analyzer lets valuators graph their results into visual displays that convey meaning in seconds.

· BIZCOMPS. The BIZCOMPS database contains information on almost 10,000 small companies that have sold for less than $1M over the last 10 years. BIZCOMPS is available for a $425.00 annual license fee. The analyzer included calculates according to the direct market data method.

· IBA COMPARABLES. With more than three times the number of comparables of its closest competitor, the ValuSource’s IBA offering includes more than 33,000 comparables across hundreds of SIC and NAICS code. For the first time in this release, the IBA comparables also include expanded data. The standard data sets include Price/Sales, Price/EBT, SIC, NAICS, Location, Annual Gross, Annual Earnings, Owners Comp, Sales Price, Business Description, Sale Date, and Geographical area. ValuSource’s IBA product builds upon this with expanded data, including fifteen asset fields (for one year) and 16 income statement fields (for three years). The IBA database is available for a $445 annual license fee. The analyzer included provides both transaction analysis analyzer analysis, as well as direct market data method analysis.

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Recognized as the leader in the valuation software industry for more than 20 years, ValuSource develops a full line of products, including programs, databases, and report writers, that are fully integrated with Microsoft® Excel and Word.

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