Yield Software Launches Complete Web Marketing Suite

SAN MATEO, CA (PRESS RELEASE – March 31, 2009) – Yield Software has announced the launch of the Yield Web Marketing Suite, introducing a simplified way to drive new internet traffic and revenues at a low overall cost. The company will be demonstrating its new cloud-based application at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, which opens March 31st and continues through April 3, 2009 at the Moscone West Convention Center.

The Yield Web Marketing Suite is built with small and mid-size businesses in mind, responding to a long-standing need to remove the inefficiencies inherent in managing comprehensive search marketing efforts. By combining and automating the three key elements of search marketing – paid search, natural search and landing page optimization – within a single, secure system, the Yield Web Marketing Suite enables novice to advanced marketers to work with the three major search engines – Google, Yahoo! Search and Microsoft’s Live Search – via a simple and user-friendly interface.

“Search marketing is the most effective way to attract new traffic and revenue, especially in such a tough economy when ad budgets are lean,” said Matt Malden, co-founder and CEO of Yield Software. “We spent more than two years building a system that works day and night to help our customers optimize all their search marketing programs so they don’t have to-making the whole process much more efficient.”

Search marketers-who can include small business owners, operational managers at growing companies, and dedicated marketing professionals-are concerned with getting their paid ads placed in the right position on search engine results pages at the right price. At the same time, they want to ensure their company ranks high in the natural (and therefore free) search results. In addition, they are concerned with ensuring clicks on each of those links lead to landing pages that convert prospects to paying customers. Each of these activities can be complex and time consuming, and often requires constant supervision in order to achieve success.

“Huge inefficiencies have emerged as the search marketing field evolved,” said Malden. “Because each of the major search marketing components have been treated as separate and distinct disciplines, and with the rise of three separate search engines claiming nearly 100% of the search advertising market, businesses have been forced to piece together a range of tools and third-party experts to address the totality of their Web marketing needs, none of which interoperate or play well together.”

The Yield Web Marketing Suite automates, simplifies and optimizes each of these Web marketing components within a single system. Features, which are fully integrated, include:

Paid Search

* Enables pay-per-click (PPC) campaign set-up for one, two or all three of the major search engines, including geo-targeting

* Determines, establishes and constantly optimizes keyword bids to meet targeted outcomes within budget constraints

* Optimizes bids and budget allocation based on traffic, conversion or conversion value

Natural Search

* Continually analyzes Web pages for conformance to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices

* Provides an easy-to-understand description of each best practice

* Provides clear instructions for addressing and resolving any areas of improvement

Customer Landing Pages

* Enables the creation of multivariate landing page experiments using a simple visual interface to dynamically test different versions of each page

* Provides easy step-by-step instruction for implementing experiments

* Automatically displays the most successful versions of a landing page more frequently, optimizing conversion rates over time

“I’ve been involved as a beta user of Yield Software and these guys have done a great job of making a hard problem seem easy,” said Dan Kaplan, principal at PeriscopeUp, a Web marketing consulting firm. “They make it easy to use and get started, even for people who have little experience in search engine marketing, and it gives me the flexibility, as a professional, to apply my knowledge on top of their optimization algorithms. It also saves me a ton of time.”

While marketing budgets overall are greatly diminished versus a year ago, search engine marketing (SEM) is expected to hold its own and may even show a slight increase in 2009, according to recent research released March 19, 2009 by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). SEMPO expects SEM spend to nearly double by 2013 from $13.5 billion in 2008 to $26.1 billion.

Yield Software is offering all new subscribers to its Web Marketing Suite a free 30-day trial. Because the system is a Web application, no downloads or systems integration work is required, and there are no contracts so subscribers are able to cancel their subscriptions at any time. Following the 30-day trial period, promotional pricing starts at $129 per month.

For more information or to subscribe to the free 30-day trial, visit www.yieldsoftware.com/web2.

About Yield Software, Inc.

Yield Software develops powerful technology that automates, simplifies and integrates key Web marketing elements. The Yield Web Marketing Suite is a secure, cloud-based system that relies on advanced algorithms and a simple, intuitive interface to optimize paid search, natural search, and landing pages for improved return on investment. www.yieldsoftware.com

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