Accelerate Media, Inc. Launches New Internet Marketing Website

Chicago (PRESS RELEASE – May 1, 2009) – Accelerate Media, Inc, a Chicago Internet marketing agency, announced the launch of its new website. The new online home for Accelerate Media offers better usability and additional information on services designed to increase brand awareness and website visibility.

“Having a strong web presence has always been of great importance to our clients, but until this year it wasn’t a top priority for my own company,” says Randy Mauldin, owner of Accelerate Media, Inc. “When I incorporated the business, I already had a solid client portfolio from freelance and consulting contracts, so I was waist deep in project work and simply didn’t have the time to focus on my own website.”

Accelerate Media not only benefits from having an improved website to make accessibility for clients and prospective partners easier, but also uses the enhanced design and content additions to set an example. The new website showcases a full suite of internet marketing services that Accelerate Media offers and demonstrates the power of having a good online presence.

“My business has thrived on our past and present output and by being diversified in our expertise.” the 31 year old entrepreneur continues. “Online lead generation hasn’t played a large role in our growth, but things are changing. There’s a huge amount of untapped potential and so it’s become necessary to make a strong footing in the marketplace if we’re going to continue to grow. That’s what our new website is about.”

For more information about Accelerate Media, Inc. or to inquire about services, log onto

Accelerate Media, Inc. is an emerging leader in online marketing consulting and search engine marketing solutions. Branded in 2007, Accelerate Media is an employee-owned internet marketing agency working with small to medium sized businesses in many industries including manufacturing, travel & hospitality, green industry/environmental, commercial & residential construction, engineering, logistics, retail e-commerce, software, technology, and lead generation across B2B and B2C business models. Accelerate Media’s mission is to deliver customized, smart, and cost-effective online advertising solutions to businesses that demand results and depend on the success of their marketing investments. Accelerate Media is a member of Chicago Interactive Marketing Association (CIMA), Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), and is a Google AdWords Qualified Consultant.


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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