Businesses and Entrepreneurs ‘Media Training 101 App’ Using Their iPhone

PRESS RELEASE – May 14, 2009 — JackAna Communications has launched the first media training application now available through the Apple iPhone App store with the aim of giving business leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups the skills needed to engage with the media and conduct successful media interviews.

Alicia Lyons from JackAna Communications said, “We’ve made media training mobile and our aim is to put the pr skills needed to conduct media interviews into the pocket of anyone who deals with the media in their line of work. It offers a cost effective way to have such information and advice at your fingertips on your iPhone.”

Over sixteen chapters, users will be able to understand the media and how to get the best from their interviews, improve their ability to conduct an interview, increase the chances of getting their story into the media, protect themselves and their company’s reputation.

To date, the media training industry has revolved around stand alone training sessions and while this is the most essential component for preparing people for handling interviews, the world of mobile applications is opening up the way this type of teaching can be delivered. Business applications are set to grow and change the way communications and public relations advice is delivered.

About JackAna Communications:

‘Media Training 101 App’ has been written by communications experts who have over 18 years experience working as broadcast journalists in national and international news for some of the most well-known television companies. We have worked in leading international communications consultancies training many business leaders, CEOs, charities and individuals on how to deal with every type of media interview.

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