Consejo’s New SharePoint Operational Support Solution Launched

Chicago, IL (PRESS RELEASE – May 4, 2009) – Consejo, Inc has launched a new offering called “SharePoint Operational Support Solution” that will maximize readiness, reduce possible vulnerabilities, ensure uptime and aid in future strategic planning. The offering allows small and medium organizations to finally receive the support for SharePoint that they’ve sought.

Through their consulting experiences, Consejo crafted a support strategy that combines four services that most small-medium businesses, not-for-profits and state/local governments are unable to deliver internally. This operational support maximizes the health and protects the investment while keeping overhead low.

Knowing that everyone is stretched very thin in the workplace and with a full understanding of what it takes to ensure environment stability, Consejo developed a best-in-class, four-in-one service package. The offering includes knowledgeable level 2 and 3 support, proprietary 24/7 SharePoint farm monitoring through a partnership with Panopta, patch & hot fix management and strategic planning for current and future operational readiness. This program is being offered to new and current clients today.

Costs are typically one-third to one-half less of what businesses would spend supporting this kind of initiative internally. For only dollars a day, Consejo will ensure that organizations that implement SharePoint can also provide best-in-class operational support — in knowledgeable hands and running at peak performance. Furthermore, with this support program it allows IT staffers to focus on other core responsibilities and innovation.

Visit Consejo’s web site to find out more.

About Consejo

Consejo is a Chicago-based technology consulting firm for small and medium businesses and not-for-profit organizations. We understand the challenges of leveraging technology when budgets and staff are limited. Whether your organization wants to implement portal technology, create a web-based application, or you simply need to develop a technology strategy that will enable your firm to grow, Consejo has expert consultants who can help you achieve your business goals. Consejo’s offices are located in Lincoln Square at 4732 North Lincoln Ave, Suite Two, Chicago, IL 60625

About Panopta

Panopta is a leading provider of advanced monitoring and outage management tools for small and large companies who need to effectively manage service interruptions of the complex, multi-tiered online infrastructure. The core team at Panopta has extensive technology development and technical operations experience, with nearly a decade of experience at some of the largest web hosting companies in the world. Panopta manages an international monitoring network, with locations available throughout North America and Europe.

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