No Need to be Cookie Cutter Entrepreneurs, Say These 20 Women

Last month saw the release of the first edition of Women of Personality: 20 Inspiring Women And Their Stories Of Success.  It’s a website and also a free downloadable ebook (PDF).

The project profiles women entrepreneurs who have used the influence of their personality to achieve success in business. The ebook is from Rohit Bhargava of the Influential Marketing Blog, and an executive at Ogilvy, the world-renowned marketing firm.  He’s also the author of the book, Personality Not Included.

Women of Personality

I was included as one of the 20 women.  We each discuss how we have let our personalities shine through.

You see, that’s one of the best parts of owning your own business — that you can let your personality shine  through.  A colleague of mine says that small business owners are “characters,” because we let our personalities out of the box. I agree with that.  And have you noticed how it’s not just the business owners who have personality, but their small businesses do too?

Here are the 20 women included in the ebook (congratulations, ladies):

  • Stephanie Agresta – Consultant & Social Media Expert
  • Kare Anderson – Journalist & Strategist
  • Susan Bratton – CEO, Personal Life Media
  • Anita Campbell – Editor, Small Business Trends
  • Krishna De – Personal Branding Expert
  • Zadi Diaz – New Media Producer, Smashface Productions
  • Kimberlie Dykeman – On-Camera Personality, Motivational Speaker
  • Dr. Marsha Firestone – Founder, Women Presidents’ Organization
  • Jackie Huba – Author
  • Karen Kerrigan – CEO, Small Business Entrepreneurship Council
  • Mia Kim – Founder,
  • Leah Komaiko – Brand Consultant, Author & Recovering Comedienne
  • Yvonne Lembi-Detert – CEO/President, Personality Hotels
  • Charlene Li – Author & Founder, Altimeter Group
  • Laura Mayes – Co-Founder, Kirtsy
  • Melanie Notkin – Founder Savvy Auntie
  • Laura Ries – Branding Guru & Bestselling Author
  • Kaira Sturdivant Rouda – Author, Real You Incorporated
  • Roz Savage – eco-Adventurer, Author & Motivational Speaker
  • Marcia Silverman – CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations

Check it out.  Remember, be yourself, be unique. There’s no need to be a cookie-cutter entrepreneur.

PS:  If you know a good candidate for the next edition of Women of Personality, there’s a link on the website to nominate them.


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. Congratulations to you Anita and to all 19 women recognized above. It is very inspiring to see women became successful entrepreneurs in the field they chose to be. You are all our inspiration.

  2. Congrats Anita and well deserved.


  3. Well done, Anita. This is an honor. It’s nice to see ‘personality’ being rewarded and celebrated. It’s too often stifled in this business environment.

  4. Congrats to all included! It’s the personality that adds the spice to any business.

  5. Congratulations Anita!

  6. I agree Amanda. The personality speaks a lot for your business!

  7. I too love seeing successful women becoming successful entrepreneurs. Congratulations to you all. This sort of reminds me of a book that I just finished reading, “The Power of Women United.” I loved the fact that 22 women wrote their stories in this book…shared their deepest insights so other women could find their true passions also!

  8. Martin Lindeskog


    Have you read the book, Personality Not Included? The idea of personality and an unique touch to things resonates well with my view of the individual.

    Is a “cookie-cutter entrepreneur” a person molded in standard package, without any “persona”?

    I wonder when the Men of Personality book will be published?! 😉

  9. Leigh Anne Wilkes

    I love reading about real life, successful women! Their stories are so motivating and inspiring. Can’t wait to check out all their stories. Thanks!

  10. Marketing Deviant

    Congrats Anita! Gonna check out the ebook and explore all the entrepreneurs above.

  11. Emily @ marketing for wahm

    Congrats. It is best to follow your passion. It will keep you going and help you create a unique business that others will value.