Green Shipping Launches

Hood River, Ore. (PRESS RELEASE – May 6, 2009) – Today Green Shipping announced a partnership with the Bonneville Environment Foundation (BEF) and the launch of, a web-based service that allows both businesses and individuals to offset the environmental impact of their UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipments by funding the development of renewable energy.

Using shipment tracking numbers from FedEx, UPS, and USPS, the service analyzes the shipment weight, mode of transportation, and route of travel to accurately determine the CO2 emissions of each shipment. Then, for typically a few pennies per shipment, businesses and individuals can automatically purchase carbon offsets to make their shipments carbon neutral. offers users a single place to save and track all their shipments. Utilizing Google Maps, Green Shipping provides a map-based interface to view shipment locations and status. Green Shipping also allows users to subscribe to RSS feeds to get up to date information on their shipments in their favorite RSS reader. For convenience, users can also use email to send tracking numbers into their Green Shipping account. Frequent shippers can configure their Green Shipping account to offset all shipments from their UPS, FedEx, or USPS shipping accounts automatically.

Participating businesses benefit by carrying the GreenShipper logo on their websites, packages, and invoices and can also list their business in the Green Shipper Directory. In addition, businesses can integrate the Green Shipping iTrackTM module into their websites, giving their customers full shipment tracking capability. By sending customers to their websites for shipment tracking, businesses can increase their traffic and boost sales to offset the costs of the service.

“This is the first time consumers and businesses have had access to an easy, cost effective, and accurate way to make shipping a green process,” says Green Shipping CEO and founder Ken Whiteman. “When you offset a shipment at, you are investing in new wind power projects that replace power generated by dirtier sources like coal-fired power plants,” Whiteman says. “Choosing wind over coal provides a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and by matching that reduction to emissions generated by your shipment, you are effectively neutralizing the carbon footprint of your package.”

Whiteman notes that the choice to use the Bonneville Environmental Foundation as the carbon offset partner was easy. “BEF is a non-profit environmental organization that holds its products to the highest standards. By purchasing U.S.-based wind power offsets through BEF, GreenShipping users not only take action against climate change, but also reduce air pollution and create green jobs at home.”

All of BEF’s renewable sources are located in North American and must meet rigorous environmental criteria endorsed by three leading environmental organizations including the Natural Resources Defense Council. BEF Wind Offsets are independently certified through Green-e® Climate, a non-profit consumer protection program that ensures that these offsets represent real, permanent, and beyond business-as-usual greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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