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Jacksonville, FL (PRESS RELEASE – May 4, 2009) – Dave Kollasch, former pro inline skater, announces today the launch of, a SaaS estimating and invoicing application. An entrepreneur since the age of 15, Kolas has been invoicing for the past 16 years in both product and service-related ventures. Kollasch designed Greenerbilling out of frustration with popular accounting software packages that were too complicated for nonaccountants, and which produced generic invoices. In addition, most online invoicing software out today requires subscribers to pick a plan that may be “over-kill” for their business. Greenerbilling offers an economic alternative to online invoicing with its consumption-based invoicing plan.

“The current economy has been the incentive for larger than usual numbers of Microbusiness startups”, says Kollasch. “With less than 10 employees, the success of these small but mighty businesses is measured on how quickly they can bill and get paid. They want to do it efficiently and professionally. They are armed with high-tech tools (laptops, smartphones) that can connect co-workers with each other. They aren’t bound to “desks” or “end-of-day reports”. I wanted to provide a KISS (Keep it Simple and Smart) application that would allow estimates on the spot and invoicing that reflects the pride in their work.”

Richard Murphy, Author of Canada’s, said, “A lot of invoicing programs cross my desk and [Greenerbilling] stood out right from the gate. I believe you have captured what businesses are looking for in a software package; ease of use, feature rich and as professional as you can get. Your program and your excellent customer service are very much appreciated”.

The most important feature of the application to date is the consumption-based “Dirt” (as in “dirt cheap”) Plan. With it Greenerbilling gives the business owner another bit of control over expenses. Why pay for 50 invoices if only 12 are needed one month and 25 another? Subscribers have responded with enthusiasm to this new plan. For the higher invoicing businesses Greenerbilling has monthly plans: Seedling (50 Invoices), Plant (300 Invoices), and Tree (Unlimited).

Greenerbilling’s HTML estimates provide graphic illustrations of products and services. See a fabric pattern, roofing shingle styles and colors, mature plant size, flooring detail, countertop varieties, special Web design features, etc using any Web-enabled device. This graphic representation shown to the client while “in the field” is more likely to result in a sale. This saves time, money, and fuel.

Greenerbilling derives its name from the fact that this invoicing system will help “grow” the bottom line – the money. The green (cash) gets “greener” – and as the need for more invoices increases, so does the size of the business. Secondarily, Greenerbilling promotes a “greener” business by reducing the need for paper and ink. In addition, the Greenerbilling Team maintains a high level of eco-friendly green practices.

About Greenerbilling:

Greenerbilling aims to meet the needs of the worldwide Microbusiness owner in providing estimates and invoices, and securing receivables from any device with Internet connection. This is accomplished by a Web-based application using the SaaS model. User feedback drives direction of development stemming from excellent Customer Relationship Management. The Founder, CEO, and logic behind Greenerbilling is Dave Kollasch, a 16-year entrepreneur and worldwide inline skating legend of the ’90’s.

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  1. Hi, Anita –
    Many many thanks for posting this news release. It has spurred the growth of our business. In addition, we have been contacted by local news outlets and schools of business. What a great opportunity we have for outreach to the young entrepreneurs!
    The Greenerbilling family thanks you as we continue to serve the invoicing needs of Microbusiness.
    Kindest regards,
    Joan Petruska
    VP Operations

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